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23.01.2024 1 month ago

Link building is also an interesting story. If you type the phrase "Link building is dead" into a Google search, you will get many pages with just such a bombastic headline.

Link building is also an interesting story. If you type the phrase "Link building is dead" into a Google search, you will get many pages with just such a bombastic headline.

What is eye-popping is the fact that next to those titles there are dates that directly prove that this claim is not true. That's how articles with that title were written by internet marketing experts in 2011, then the following year, then another year, until today. And for all that time, link building is very much alive and very important.

Site optimization cannot be successful in the true sense without applying the link building method, no matter how much someone may not like it. Inbound links to your site signal to the web search engine that it is a site of importance as soon as someone directs their site visitors to it. It is quite logical.

For a good position in Google search and to increase organic visits to the site, it is necessary to provide quality incoming links. Yes, quality ones, not just any and yes, to provide them yourself, since they won't come to you on their own, even though Google tries to convince you otherwise.

Offer your content to other sites

This is actually the real and highest quality link building. Offer good content to a trusted site and the editors will certainly not reject it. And the least they can do for you is to link to your site.

There are many ways to get to a site that will give you a link, that is, to whom you will see good content.

The most conventional solution is to select a group of relevant sites for your field of work and send them a proposal for cooperation.

But there are other possibilities.

Updated data

On the first page of a search for a certain phrase, pages whose content is not the most up-to-date often appear.

What can you do there?

Write a similar text, but with the latest data and contact the editors of the site. Say that their text is great, but there are some things that have changed.

Non-existent page

It is also not uncommon to come across a link that leads you to "error 404". It means that the site had a page with the title you saw in the search, but for some reason it is no longer there.

As in the previous case, offer them your text to "fill in the blank".

It should be noted that certainly not everyone will accept your proposal out of hand, but they should try, because those would be incoming links of great importance, given that the site ranks on the first page for a certain phrase.

Commenting on relevant blogs

Although this is considered by many SEO experts today to be a spam method that will backfire, this is not true if done in moderation. Leaving a link in the comments of all kinds of texts on all kinds of pages and forums is definitely spam.

But no one suggests that. A link in a text comment on a reliable/expert site in the field of your work will certainly not have a negative effect on the position of your site in the search.


You are engaged in making cakes and you have read an excellent text about wedding cake decorations on a website specialized in that topic. The author of the article is a famous confectioner. You agree with everything he said, but you have something to add. Do it freely, write about your experience with decorating the cake, but so that the comment is a valuable addition to the text. And feel free to leave a link at the end of the comments, with an invitation to, e.g. photos of the cake you are writing about can be viewed at that link.

Neither will your comment be deleted, nor will it be a spam link, and you will get three things:

- quality incoming link

- additional site visit

- possible association with the author of the text or with the editorial office of the site

Of course these are just some of the many ways to get to the link. A prerequisite for success is that you have something to say and that you do it well.

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