Community Management

With the advancement of technology, there has been an increasing presence of people on social media. Since every person is a social being, and the digital world is the space through which they move, online communities have developed over time. From the need for their management, a new branch of digital marketing – Community management – is emerging.

What our service includes:

- Managing social networks for clients

- Developing themes for social network posts and creating a monthly posting plan

- Constant communication with the audience

- Creating copy for posts

- Creating visuals for posts

- Statistics/detailed evaluation of the quality of posts

What is Community management?

Community management is increasingly prevalent in the digital environment. We can say that it is an extended arm of your brand.


It represents professional management of social media and Internet communities. Its main task is to create and implement a digital strategy in order to achieve the set goals.


The most common platforms on which social media management is conducted are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and will often expand to other media that are relevant to the target group of users.

Traits that are needed for successful social media management:



Good communication and openness to dialogue are key skills. It is very important to encourage followers to interact by asking questions and organizing polls.




Creativity is vital to social media management because it allows you to build interesting and effective strategies that will attract and, more importantly, keep the attention of the community. A creative approach allows a brand or community to stand out from the competition and achieve outstanding results.


Social media analytics:

  • Determines which is the best time to post and when community members are most active;
  • Video watch time analysis allows you to adjust the length and format of video content to keep your audience engaged;
  • Interaction data analysis (such as likes, comments, shares) helps social media management identify which posts performed best among community members. Based on this knowledge, future content can be shaped and
  • Content analysis can reveal which posts, promotions, or campaigns had the greatest impact on a user's decision to purchase a desired product or service. This provides a better understanding of what types of content convert best into actual sales.

Why is it important for companies to manage their social media?

There are several key reasons why social media management is essential for business:

#1 Increases customer loyalty:

Active and good community management often leads to greater customer loyalty. When they feel like part of a community, they are more likely to stay loyal to the brand.

#2 Provides valuable information:

The community can provide valuable feedback and information about the products or services a business organization provides. This helps in the improvement of products, services and strategies.

#3 Increases engagement:

Member engagement can lead to more interaction with the brand, and therefore more sales.

#4 Increases visibility and awareness:

Creating quality content and interacting with members helps the brand to better position itself and increase its visibility in the market.

Elevate your social media to the highest level!

What can you expect from social media management with us?

Creativity come first!


Creativity is our middle name, and our goal is that every content on social media is designed with care and originality. We create content to develop stories that will motivate users to take action and connect with the brand.


Visual identity with style - where the picture speaks louder than words!


We know how important the visual identity is for brand recognition. That's why our team has an eye for detail to create visuals that will stand out on social media.


Professional social media management


We understand your target group and know how to get their attention.


Regular monitoring of trends and active communication with followers are part of our strategy.

We will answer questions, solve problems and maintain positive energy in your community.


With us, you can expect an increase in brand awareness, interaction with users and, ultimately, most importantly, the growth of your business.

Develop a strong community with us

Here are some examples of industries that can significantly improve their business with professional social media management:

1. Fashion industry

uses social media as the main channel to promote its collections. They regularly post pictures and videos about new products;

2. Restaurants and the food industry

often use social media to share pictures of delicious dishes, promote special offers and attract guests. Quality food photos and interactive content capture the attention of foodies;

3. Technology companies

often use social media to promote their products and services. This includes publishing video content, demonstrating products and informing about the latest technological developments;

4. E-commerce

relies on social media to promote products and attract customers. Companies often use social media advertising to target specific demographic groups and promote products through sponsored posts.

Whether you are a large company, a startup or an individual, our Community Manager team is here to provide you with comprehensive services and help you achieve your goals.

Provide your business with a good presence on social media

In addition to social media management, the services we also provide are social media advertising as well as their monitoring and optimization.


Social media advertising, especially through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, has become an indispensable tool for brands that want to effectively reach their target audience.

There are a number of benefits that your business can achieve with the help of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Here are some of them:

#1 Targeted advertising:

Defining your ads according to user demographics, interests, location and behaviors. This type of advertising increases the likelihood that ads will reach relevant consumers;

#2 Visual

These platforms are oriented towards visual content, which gives brands the opportunity to tell their story through attractive images and videos;

#3 Audience engagement:

It allows direct interaction with the audience through likes, comments and shares. This type of interaction increases the visibility of ads and thus increases the community;

#4 Analytics:

The analytical tools available on these platforms enable real-time monitoring of campaign performance. Views, clicks, conversions and other metrics provide insight into ad effectiveness and enable quick strategy changes.

Facebook and Instagram have a global reach, which means we can target audiences all over the world. This is especially important for brands with international goals or those who want to expand their market.

Contact us to create together a strategy that will improve your business.

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