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Using Google ads is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is difficult to ignore the speed at which they can generate results. On the other hand, nothing drains a budget faster than a poorly targeted Google ad.


Our team can make sure your campaigns never experience the downside of Google ads. With professional customer targeting and a conversion-focused strategy, we'll quickly turn your paid Google ads into a stable and profitable source of leads.

Paid Google ads that get the most out of every budget

Google ads

Launch sales with quality Google ads

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By setting up Google campaigns well, we achieve the best results for the money invested

As newcomers to this field often learn the hard way, Google Ads requires much more than just mastering one tutorial. Years of experience are required to accurately “measure a listing's heart rate” and assess its status.


This is exactly the kind of expertise you get when you hire us.


Whether you're launching a Google campaign from scratch or looking to improve a low-performing campaign, we have the knowledge and experience we need to get the most out of each campaign. Our experts have years of hands-on experience with Google, the Google Display Network, and YouTube, so no goal is too ambitious for them, you just need to set a budget, and we'll take care of the rest.

We make sure you don't spend money on ads that aren't taking you anywhere

How we run Google ads that make our customers appreciate us

If you have no intention of hiring experts to run Google ads, you may as well play the lottery. Here are the most important components that a Google advertising campaign must have to deliver results:

Defining profitability plans and indicators (KPIs)

Defining profitability plans and indicators (KPIs)

After the kick-off meeting to discuss your business goals and market place, we start with the basics, define what your budget is and what we want to achieve with Google Ads. Then we evaluate the best strategy to achieve the set goals, identify KPIs and prepare for the second step.

Ad creation process

Ad creation process

Once we know what's at stake and what's expected of us, we'll do a comprehensive analysis of your niche. We then use Google Analytics, Search Console, and Keyword Planner to determine the framework of keywords and trends needed to accurately target ideal customers. Our team then compiles a detailed outline of Google's advertising campaign, which starts the moment it’s green-lit by you.

Smart Campaign Optimization

Smart Campaign Optimization

We regularly experiment with targeting and presentation improvements by analyzing pre-defined KPIs and overall campaign performance. The battle for Google ads has been won or lost during the optimization process, and we have learned through a large number of campaigns and the experience gained to cope with both simple and demanding campaigns.

Transparent and detailed reporting

Transparent and detailed reporting

Depending on our agreement, you will receive monthly or bi-weekly reports detailing the current situation and our plans for the coming period. Of course, you can always ask for updates and clarifications. We emphasize that we work in full transparency, and you have the right to stay up to date with campaigns as much as you want.

Where do Google ads appear?

Google Ads can be classified into three different units:

#1 Google search

These types of ads appear in search results whenever someone enters a Google query. Ads in the Google search engine are a powerful marketing option because they appear at the very top of the search results page, which means they generate a lot of traffic and therefore revenue.

#2 Google Display Network

This type of ad appears on sites that belong to the Google AdSense platform. This giant network reaches more than 2 million sites and is in direct contact with about 90% of all Internet users, which speaks to the power of this type of marketing.

#3 Youtube Ads

As the name implies, such ads are displayed on Youtube, often underestimated by the second largest search engine on the Internet. The most popular type of ad on Youtube is the so-called ad in the stream, which appears among videos.

We can also advertise on YouTube using static images or dynamic HTML5 banners.

What type of advertising on Google is appropriate for your business goals?

Promoting products or services through ads in the Google search engine is great for boosting sales, as it allows you to search for users who are already searching for what you're selling. The keywords they input into Google indicate that these users are about to make a purchase, so we just need to make sure they get to your site, which is exactly what Google ads allow us to do. 

And don't worry, search ads don't randomly appear to people who aren't interested in your offer, so any budget you spend on these ads will be dedicated solely to acquiring meaningful leads. On the other hand, you have Google Display, a series of ads that have proven great for raising awareness about your brand. Which is especially handy when you're trying to place an ad that doesn't have frequently used keywords, allowing us to place images, text, and videos on linked sites, targeting leads. These types of listings also leave nothing to chance. GDN ads only appear to people who have searched for topics related to your business in the past. 

However, the problem with Google Display ads is that potential customers may not be as interested as those who come through Google search ads, but the right strategy can actually turn that disadvantage into an advantage.


Finally, we come to Youtube ads, the type of advertising that some are proud to boast is the best of its kind, and to be honest, the numbers support this bold claim. All Youtube ads are aimed at potential customers, so there is no risk of showing the ad to completely uninterested customers. 

Due to the growing trend of viewing video content, every modern company should think carefully about including Youtube ads in its marketing plan.


No matter which type of Google ad you choose, everyone aims to take the user through the different stages of the sales funnel. The trick is to have experts on your side who know how to achieve high conversion rates, and that's where our team comes in.

Google ads are becoming an indispensable part of your marketing arsenal

Google Ads success depends on targeting

No matter which type of Google ad you choose, targeting is what will make your campaign successful or unsuccessful. Fortunately, with us in your team, targeting will actually be one of the strengths of your campaign.


While setting up Google Ads for the inexperienced can be challenging, we know exactly how to get through all the complications associated with the targeting process. Here are some key factors to consider when targeting your ideal leads:

Google ads
  • careful and strategic keyword selection
  • different demographic characteristics
  • types of devices that customers prefer to use
  • interests, hobbies and professions
  • factors related to geographic location
  • features of the content of the sites where ads will appear
  • general behaviour of your customer base

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our team uses a number of tools to target leads, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We also consider things like channel selection, advertising forms, advertising dynamics and intensity, different ways of reaching target groups, and so on.

Take advantage of our extensive Google Ads experience

Not sure if the Google Ads campaign is the best choice for your business?

If you're not sure if your business needs a Google Ads campaign, don't worry, we're here to give you expert advice and meaningful suggestions. Our team has been involved in Internet marketing for more than 15 years, so we can best assess what type of Internet campaigns are most appropriate for your business and how to make the most sense of spending money on the Internet, and have it bring results. In addition to properly managed Google Ads, we also deal with SEO (site optimization), the creation of Web sites and online stores, and the management of social media campaigns. Very often, only the proper allocation of the budget among these activities can bring the right result.

Thinking of reasons why you should work with us? Here’s three:

Google ads

We've been in business for many years

Our team knows Google Ads like the back of their hand, so we'll do whatever Google Ads has to offer, no matter how many obstacles we encounter.

Google ads

We do the job the right way

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results, so you can be sure to see a visible return on investment from each Google ad campaign

Google ads

Industry-leading knowledge

Our team is expert at all stages of setting up Google campaigns, from the initial parameter and targeting setup to their final fine-tuning.

With the help of Google Ads, we will make your business competitive

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