SEO (web site optimization) - a complete process that brings a long-term stable result

A well-positioned site brings a constant and very precise visit, which has a high conversion rate.

Do you think you could get more conversions from organic search?

If you have not committed yourself to SEO optimization, or your current SEO strategy is not producing results, schedule a completely free consultation and find out how we manage the site optimization process.

What do we offer?


Results cannot be guaranteed in SEO, but with 15 years of experience in the regional market and a large team of SEO experts, we can guarantee:


• SEO strategy tailored to your needs

• A process that gives a long-term result

• Full transparency in work, regular contact and reporting


In short, we know what we're doing, you know what we're doing.

Outperform your competition and optimize your website.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a set of different processes aimed at bringing the site to the best possible positions on Google search for the widest possible range of relevant phrases. Therefore, site optimization is directly related to increasing the relevant visit to the site and increasing sales of products or services.


SEO (web site optimization)

Why invest in the SEO process?

Site optimization is about working on yourself. Investing in SEO is the most meaningful investment for most businesses in the long run. What does practically mean?


Let's say you sell toys through a web shop and you have a website that is not optimized. To bring visitors to the site who are interested in your products, you can pay for a Google Ads ad. This campaign implies that Google shows you your site above the organic visit on Google search for the keywords you specify and charges you for each individual visit to the site, each click. Read more about the Google Ads campaign at the following link. In other words, you will have a visit and therefore a sale proportional to the investment. This further means, if you invest for example €500 per month in a campaign, you bring say 5000 people per month to your site.


This process will only last while you're paying. The moment you stop paying for a Google visit, you will not be on Google Search.

Why is the SEO process more cost-effective in the long run?

By investing in the SEO process, you improve your site's position for the full range of relevant words and phrases. This means that your visit is growing from month to month. This process takes time and most often in the first 6 months of work one cannot feel the result too much, but it is still more cost-effective in the long run.


Let's take the same example. You have a web shop that sells toys and you have decided to optimize your website and invest say EUR 500 per month in SEO optimization. Although in the first period you will certainly not generate those 5,000 visitors per month as you would with a paid Google Ads campaign, you have the option to generate a lot more in a year, say 50000 visitors per month for the same budget, and this number can grow continuously. We have clients who also have over 400,000 relevant visitors from organic search on a monthly basis, which is a direct result of a properly managed SEO process.


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For those of you who want to learn more about the SEO process itself…

How do we execute SEO optimization?

It is best to approach site optimization before creating a website or web shop. In practice, this is usually not the case. Clients first create a web shop and only after a while notice that it does not fulfill its purpose - it does not bring in visitors and that they should do something about it. That's why these two processes differ for pre-existing sites and for sites that are just being built. We will try to introduce you to both processes. First thing’s first. 


Site optimization for the site under construction

If you are just planning to create a website or shop so that it is SEO friendly and can rank on Google, you should contact an SEO expert in order to get involved in the process before creating the site.

SEO (web site optimization)

Proper site conceptualization is necessary and one of the most important items for ranking sites on the Google search engine. 

Stages of the first part of the process:

  1. Niche analytics and keyword analysis
  2. Website conceptualization
  3. Creating site content and matching content with optimization needs
  4. Technical SEO audit
  5. On Site SEO

#1 Niche analytics and keyword analysis

Niche analytics involves doing in-depth research on keywords in your niche or business area. We take analytics extremely seriously and do it thoroughly, because it is the basis for developing an SEO strategy and making a further work plan.


At this stage, it is necessary to determine all the phrases that are relevant to the site being worked on, i.e. those for which the site should rank at the top of Google search. Analytics defines the most sought-after phrases, then those that are less sought-after, but on which it makes sense to work because they will also bring conversion, as well as long tail phrases that make sense to strengthen. When this is done, a signpost is given in which direction the optimization of the site will flow, i.e. what the focus will be.

Pozovite nas da razmotrimo najbolje rešenje za Vaš biznis

#2 Conceptualization of a website or shop

After detailed analytics, the concept of the site is created. It must take into account both the products or services you offer and what your target group is searching for online. The concept of the site should be such that it is reviewed for the user, that they can easily find what they are interested in when he comes to the site, and at the same time all SEO standards must be respected.

#3 Creating content on the site

The content on the site is also prepared in accordance with keyword analytics. After defining the categorization of the site, landing pages for I, II and III priority queries are also defined, and in accordance with them, writing and creating content is  initiated.


Site content creation can be done by the client, with our instructions and control, and it can be done by us. The client knows their products / services best, so it is natural that the content is created by the client. 

#4 Technical SEO Audit

Since this is a site that is under construction, before initializing the site itself, it is necessary to check that the site meets all the technical SEO standards that are necessary for the site to be ready for ranking on Google search.


In this section, we distinguish two types of websites/shops:

Technical SEO Audit for sites operated by an external agency, and we provide SEO service

Technical SEO Audit for the sites we do in-house


Given that technical SEO comprehends a number of processes that need to be completed in order for the site to be "healthy" and have the potential to rank on Google search, with websites created by a third agency, and we provide an SEO service, it is necessary to check the technical parameters of the site that affect the SEO process before initializing the site itself.


In the case of sites that we do in-house, given that we primarily deal with SEO optimization, technical SEO Audit requires less work, because the code is made so that it is SEO friendly, but again we do a check, to make sure that a mistake has not been made.

#5 On-Site SEO

When we are sure that all the previous steps have been done properly, we do On Site SEO for each page of the site before raising the site. In this part, we define the meta title and description that is aligned with the keyword analysis, as well as all important landing pages that require longer descriptions. We check H tags and alt tags.

This completes Phase I of the SEO process and in this way the site is ready for Phase II of the SEO process, which will be discussed below.

Do you need an optimized website? We're here to help.

Optimization of an existing website/web-shop

If you missed doing SEO optimization before creating your site, don't worry, it's possible to fix things. Whether your site ranks on Google, but you are not satisfied with the visit that the site generates and you think it can do better, or your site is not on Google search at all or at least in the first few pages, the process is the same and starts with one call. 

SEO optimization phases of the existing Website/web-shop:

  1. Niche analytics and keyword analysis
  2. Technical SEO Audit
  3. Content SEO Audit
  4. Testing of technical changes
  5. On-Site SEO

In order to do SEO optimization on an already existing site, we start with niche analytics and keyword analysis. A detailed analysis of keywords is necessary in order to identify keywords and phrases of categories I, II and III. It is the basis of any further strategy. After that, we define whether the site has a good conceptualization or requires changes. 

Based on a comprehensive analysis, we create two documents:


Technical SEO Audit

Content SEO Audit


Technical changes are made by the developers of the company that created the website, while content changes can be made by the client or our team depending on the agreement.

After the technical changes are completed by the developer, we start testing them, and only when it is all over can we do on-site SEO on the site.


Although this path is a little longer and more complicated, it is the most common in practice and we have been successfully implementing it for more than 10 years. Our agency, with over 100 SEO projects and over 10,000 keywords at the top of SERP, is the leading SEO agency in the region. Get to know us. (link to “our team” page). - maybe a picture of our team, too.

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Phase II SEO process - Link Building process

Once the site is technically, conceptually and content-wise prepared for ranking on Google, we can initiate the 2nd phase of the SEO process, which includes the following phases:


  1. Continuous Link Building process
  2. Analysis of Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  3. Creating new site content
  4. Continuous on-page analysis and on-page corrections

#1 Continuous Link Building process

The link building process is a set of different activities aimed at raising the authority of your site in the eyes of Google, which directly affects the ranking of your site on Google search. 

Our link building process agency works in a completely natural way. 

After a detailed analysis and definition of landing pages of I, II and III category of priority, this process is started. At this stage, our team writes unique texts and publishes them on third party portals from which they link to your site and thus raise its authority.

The content that is created is of exceptional quality and is therefore published by numerous portals, and from the text the link naturally leads to your site.

Creating a network of links is a process that must be carefully managed and analyzed. The wider that network is and the more links from other sites lead to you, the more authority your site will have over Google, and that directly impacts search rankings.

Creating a network of links is a process that must be carefully managed and analyzed. The wider that network is and the more links from other sites lead to you, the more authority your site will have over Google, and that directly impacts search rankings.

Our agency has cooperation for publishing link building texts on numerous portals from different niches, as well as on numerous media.


Due to the large number of SEO projects we run and the large resources we have, we can offer this process of the highest quality at a very affordable price. 

Call us to see which solution is best for your business. +381693954107

#2 Creating new site content

Refreshing the site with new content is desirable from the point of view of SEO because it gives us multiple benefits. Google loves new, high-quality, and unique content. In addition, writing relevant blog articles on carefully designed topics that have the potential to rank on Google search allows us to include all those long tail phrases through a blog strategy, which for various reasons we cannot rank through the pages of services or categories. All in all, this process increases our ability to rank the site for many relevant Google search queries and therefore increases the number of visitors to the site.


The link building strategy itself is created by our agency. It is important that the texts that are written, in addition to meeting SEO writing standards, should be of high quality, unique and useful to readers. Accordingly, in agreement with the client, we make an agreement whether the texts are written by our agency or by the client with our instructions and control.


The benefits of blogs are multiple. From the very enrichment of the site with new content, then the positioning of the site in searches on long tail phrases that were previously discussed, to writing about attractive topics that will be shared on social networks and where the site will generate a large visit in a natural way.

#3 Continuous on-page analysis and on-page corrections

It is very important that the SEO process is monitored continuously. Through SEO tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs and many other tools, our agency monitors the movement of positions, analyzes the keywords from which visitors came to the site and based on them defines new keywords for which there is room for the site to improve the position, monitors and analyzes the competition as well as the visit generated by the site from month to month and comes out with new suggestions for improvement. Based on these analyses, there are new proposals that need to be changed at the on-page level (meta title and meta description tags that need to be changed, content that needs to be refreshed or expanded, new landing pages that need to be created), as well as continuous monitoring of technical parameters that need to be arranged.

Through a comprehensive SEO process, we're driving the growth of relevant visits to your site. Call us to find the best solution for your site.

#4 Optimization of the site for regional projects

We have been optimizing sites for over 10 years and have results on projects both in the country and in the region.

Many of our clients operate regionally, both in Serbia and in the surrounding countries (Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia…) Optimizing the site for regional projects has proven to be very meaningful for many of our clients with whom we have a successful cooperation. You can see our portfolio HERE.


Benefits of SEO for regional projects that are done from one place:

resource optimization,

facilitated communication,

saving time


Whether site optimization is done on a single site that is multilingual or on special, localized sites, it is more sensible to conduct the SEO process from one place for the purpose of facilitating communication, saving time as well as optimizing resources. 

You have a regional project and need an SEO solution for everything? We're here…just give us a call

The more frequent questions:

And when we think that everything has been said, there is more…we can talk about the SEO process a lot more. For those of you who are interested in more, we have highlighted some common questions and offered answers:

#1 What tools do you use to monitor optimization results?

To track results, we use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Google Ads Keyword Planner, and other SEO tools to make our day-to-day operations easier. But it is especially important to point out that these tools are only useful if they are used, and if the information obtained is used, in the right way.

#2 Are the SEO courses that are organized useful and sufficient to acquire the necessary knowledge related to site optimization?

An SEO optimization course can be extremely useful, but only if it is held by those who have experience in practice, or have projects behind them. You will not become an SEO specialist (expert) through the course, but you can get a quality foundation that will be a great starting point to develop in the right direction.


Our agency organizes SEO courses where it transfers its rich experience to participants who receive the highest quality training. Anyone interested can apply here for the courses that we will organize in the coming period.

#3 Does site optimization include search from mobile devices?

Yes. We often get Yes. We often get questions about what phone optimization is and whether working on site optimization implies that the site will position itself at the top of the search  on mobile phones and other devices as well. Of course, if the SEO process is done in the right way, it will give results regardless of the device from which the search is performed.

questions about what phone optimization is and whether working on site optimization implies that the site will position itself at the top of the search  on mobile phones and other devices as well. Of course, if the SEO process is done in the right way, it will give results regardless of the device from which the search is performed.

#4 I'm in a dilemma - SEO or Google Adwords? What to do?

Many of the clients we work with initially had this dilemma, i.e. they invested all their funds in Google Adwords, completely neglecting optimization. And our experience says that SEO optimization is an absolute priority for many clients. It's simple, optimizing your site the right way delivers long-term results, while Google Adwords only delivers results while you're paying.


We advise our clients to provide part of the funds for Adwords in addition to the SEO budget, for the simple reason that it is easier to bridge the period until the optimization gives a full result.

#5 Is there a guarantee that my site will be the first in Google search?

No, there is no guarantee of such a thing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to deceive you. Google often changes its algorithm, and with that, the factors that affect the ranking also change.


You can only be guaranteed the results that the agency you work with has already achieved. And here we can proudly say that our customers hold the top spots on Google for dozens of relevant phrases from a wide variety of fields.

#6 Is there any limit to the number of phrases a site can be optimized for?

No, there are no restrictions in this regard, but we will certainly determine our priorities through the creation of an SEO strategy. SEO optimization of the site must be done with a clear plan, and this is certainly one of the prerequisites for success.

#7 How much does SEO cost? Or what Google Ads Planner would offer: “SEO Price Site Optimization”

The price of site optimization depends on several factors, so we clarify with our clients in the meeting what price they can expect. The price is defined depending on the intensity of the work, which includes the time spent on analyses and On-page corrections, then the number and quality of blog posts that would be written by our team, the intensity of the link building process, as well as the possible agreement that part of the work is taken over by the client's team.

Together with the client at the meeting, we will make the best and most optimal possible agreement for a specific project, and after that the price will be completely clear and defined.

If you want to know information about the price, but also all other details related to the SEO optimization process, feel free to contact us at any time.

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