Creating a website tailored to your business and needs

With over 15 years of experience in web development and constant work on improving our CMS system, we know exactly what works. The websites that we create, in addition to being "beautiful" and having a unique design clients and visitors appreciate, are very functional.

What exactly does it mean?

Only the balance between design, content and technical characteristics can satisfy the basic purpose of every website, which is to bring and keep visitors on it.

We create websites that are not only unique, but also extremely functional

Here is precisely what the specialty of the sites we create is reflected in:

  • Custom CMS developed down to the smallest functionality
  • Unique, mobile responsive design tailored to the needs of clients
  • User friendly admin 
  • SEO friendly code that 100% meets the technical prerequisite for ranking of sites on Google search
  • High level of security
  • Functionalities tailored to you and your business, as well as upgrading functionality at any time when your job requires it


1. Custom CMS that we developed according to the needs of the market

Thanks to Custom CMS, which we have been developing for years, professional sites come out of our "workshop" that allow the user to change and enter content, photos and recordings without any programming knowledge. CMS allows us to create sites that are faster and safer than websites created on free platforms such as Word Press and Joomla, and again, much easier to use than sites created by developers from scratch.

Whether you already have a website that requires a redesign or you need a new one…

Main features of the CMS:

  • The CMS is written in Custom PHP code, which enables the expansion of the site at any time and the addition of modules 
  • Site speed - uses only the necessary information that we have in the database (from word press and other free CMS systems that use a lot of information that is not necessary nor required
  • SEO friendly code designed to fulfill all SEO needs
  • CMS is written on the latest version of PHP code (currently 7.2) 
  • We use MySql database
Make your business stand out on the web with a functional and original website.

2. Unique, mobile responsive design that adapts to the needs of clients

The design of the site is as important as its functionality. "One picture speaks more than 1000 words", and the design of the entire site provides the site visitor with a first impression of your company and your business. That is why it is approached as responsibly and professionally as the development of the site itself. Depending on your needs and capabilities, we can offer you the following design solutions:

Site development

Unique design

A unique (Custom) design is drawn for each client according to their needs and wishes. Each type page of the site is drawn and after the adoption of the design by the client, the programming of the website is initiated. Accordingly, websites of a unique design are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to highlight their brand in an adequate, unique way, showcase their individuality and specifics. Unique design also affects the total time of creating a website as well as the cost of creating a website.

Site development

Template design

Template design is ideal for “quick fixes”. There are many more developed design solutions on sale, which can be viewed, purchased and integrated into your website. This solution is ideal for smaller budgets and production deadlines. 

Site development

Adapted Design

Semi-custom design is a combination of the previous two. The purchased theme is adapted to the client's needs without major changes. Semi-custom design is also the best solution for most mid-sized businesses.

Whether you opt for a unique, template or semi-custom design,you can be sure that your site will be equally well-functioning.

Not sure which solution is most appropriate for your business? We're here to talk about it, just give us a call.

3. User friendly admin, simple and intuitive

After creating the site, the user gets access to an admin panel that is simple and easy to use. There is a possibility of simple and quick changes to content, photos, recordings, menus, galleries and other data. Our websites provide the ability for the user to update the content on their own,  without any programming prior knowledge.

4. SEO friendly code

We are a marketing agency with many years of experience in SEO site optimization. All our sites have a clean, Google friendly code and offer customers a basis for further positioning of the website on Google search. You can read more about it here.

5. High level of security

The custom CMS we have developed allows us much more security than other platforms such as Word Press, Jomla and others. 

6. Functionality tailored to you as well as upgradeability

All modules of the site are adapted to your needs. Before the start of the development, all the details and functionalities are defined with the client and the site is adapted to you.

Sites are made in such a way that it always remains possible to upgrade the functionality in accordance with the client's business needs.

Interested in a functional, beautiful and fast website?

Before we begin the development of your website, it is necessary to agree on all the details before the start, make a project specification, to make sure that we have covered everything you need and feel is relevant.

Here's what it looks like in practice:

1. Before we start making the concept

We listen to the needs of clients, check the strength of competition, explore keywords that people search on the Internet and based on that we create the concept of the site. Proper site conceptualization is a key and prerequisite for ranking sites on Google search, and we have discussed this in more detail HERE.

2. We draw a unique design or a custom one - it's up to you

The design of the site stems from the concept itself and is primarily focused on functionalities. The goal is to enable the visitor to access all the necessary information, as well as to be able to do so easily from all devices.

3. We prepare unique SEO friendly site content

Site content is the key to positioning your website on Google Search. In addition, it also depends on the clear content of how much the site visitor will visit the site and the information they need. In parallel with the development of the site, there will be a process of preparing the content.

4. On page SEO - an indispensable ingredient

Before launching the site, we deal with all the elements that are important to us for optimization. On-site SEO is an integral part of a well set-up site. Only with SEO friendly code, functional design, quality content, good conceptualization and properly done on-site SEO does the site have the prerequisite for ranking on Google search. Read more about this process on the site optimization page.

5. Testing before initializing the site - we keep our eyes peeled

We check the content from a technical and content aspect before the production of the site. At this stage, everything must be checked in detail, several times, in order to be sure that a mistake has not made its way through somehow.

6. Production and initialization of the site as the first step of online business

Within the agreed deadline, the website will be put into operation. Only such a site is ready for Internet marketing and increasing relevant visits.

Let us create a website for you that will lead to the improvement of your business. You're one call away.

Most frequently asked questions

#1 The price of creating a website - what affects it?

The cost of creating the site is influenced by many factors, which is why we insist on a meeting BEFORE sending the offer. We believe that anyone who submits an offer to create a website solely on the basis of an inquiry is not serious enough. 


A design is an element that significantly affects the price of a site. If you want a site with a unique design, it will cost you more than a site based off an existing template. There are businesses for which it is good to have a unique site, as there are businesses where this does not matter and where drawing a design would be an unnecessary expense.


The cost of creating websites is also affected by the specific functionalities you need. If, for example, you want a more demanding form for reservations, a specific calculation of costs, a demanding filtering system - all this will affect the price.


When creating a site, it is understood that we receive all material (texts and photos) from you. If you want the content for the site to be created by us, it will raise the price of creating the site.


In the event that you already have a website and want a new one, to which you want us to transfer the content from the old one, this will be calculated in the price, depending on the amount of content that to be transferred.


We endeavor to offer payment in installments and correction of some of the above costs to all those who intend to continue their cooperation with us after the development of the website, for the sake of long-term cooperation.

#2 Cheap site development

If you are looking for a cheap website, we are certainly not the right address. But we offer you free advice that will save you money, time and nerves. A cheap site will end up costing you a lot, and it won't get you anything. That is something we encounter on a daily basis. Cheap website development always leads the client to realize very quickly that there are many challenges that the site cannot respond to. And every modification of the site is necessary, but it does not guarantee success. And then we come to the point where it is cheaper to create a new site than to redesign an old one. So always ask yourself why a website is cheap.

#3 Why should I choose a site development agency over a programmer who is great and cheaper?

Why should a serious company hire a website development agency, and not entrust this work to an individual?

Through practice, we often did work with clients who had a previous negative experience with a developer. Most often, the reasons why they gave up on cooperation with the programmer: because the programmer does not answer the phone and because they are slow to respond to requests. Cooperation with the agency however, offers a much more serious level of service and support. The agency has its own address and working hours and you can always reach us if you need anything. The website development agency will not disappear overnight and change its phone number. You sign a cooperation agreement with the agency and it must be fulfilled.

#4 What if I'm not from Belgrade?

Our agency is located in Belgrade, but it has never been a problem for us to organize a meeting in the city of those potential clients who are seriously interested in website development and internet marketing. Thus, if the client prefers an online meeting for any reason, we are also there to meet them. The online meeting, in addition to saving time, proved to be very practical during the pandemic. The essence of the Internet is that your business does not have to be locally limited.

#5Why we can you offer best solution for your business?

Comprehensive service

In addition to web development, we dal with internet markteting


High quality of the sites we create

Expert team

A team with many years of experience in web development

If you are not sure what it is that you need - but you know you need an online business. Schedule a meeting to prepare the best strategy for your business.

Creating a website improves business and it is only the first step in that direction

Creating a website is not the end of the work on improving the Internet presence. In order for your site to contribute to your business in the right sense, it needs to be further developed. In connection with site development, we offer the following services:

We can create a website to your liking and a website that will improve your business. Take a look at our references and contact us to schedule a meeting and find the right solution for your business.

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