About us

Web Business Solutions Internet marketing agency is a development-oriented firm which develops and upgrades small and medium-sized firms’ business through improving their Internet presentation. In the era of globalization and unlimited Internet options, Web Business Solutions agency is oriented toward providing services to firms in and outside the country, including Serbian, English, Spanish, German, Greek and Russian-speaking areas.

Basic services we offer are:


  • Creating websites
  • Creating Internet shops
  • Site optimization
  • Internet advertising
  • Social network marketing
  • Creating mobile applications
  • Integrated Internet presentation


Besides, we offer consultation services and organize courses and training programs on Internet marketing.

Our mission: Our mission is to help small and medium-sized firms become more noticeable and better positioned on the web, to make their brand better-known, and to increase the number of visitors to their site, so that they can offer their products/services online and improve their business. When we work for a customer, our business is transparent and we are focused on finding the fastest, most efficient and most economical creative solution, which enables us to form a long-term partnership with customers, based on mutual trust.

Our vision: Our vision is to become the leader in what we do. Our job is to follow and understand the needs of our clients and to use creative and innovative solutions to improve their business. By developing our clients’ business, we also grow and develop, and the number of satisfied clients and service quality make us recognizable at the global market of Internet marketing.

Business strategy: In order to be able to understand and respond to various complex demands of our customers, besides being experts in our field, we adhere to the following principles:



Respect, trust and integrity: We build a long-term relationship with customers, based on mutual trust, appreciation and respect.

Frank communication and transparency: The stable relationship we build with customers is based, above all, on the principle of honest communication. We provide information and find solutions to problems transparently and responsibly. We want our customers to understand the way we work, because we are aware of the fact that acting together, we can achieve better results.

High expertise, creativity and innovation: We realize that just being an expert is not enough to achieve desired results in the world of globalization and high competition that rules nowadays. That is why, besides being experts, we are oriented toward finding innovative and creative solutions.

Efficiency and economy: Creative and innovative solutions themselves are not enough unless they are also fast and efficient. As the old saying goes - “time is money”. We absolutely respect our customers’ time and we provide services within the agreed time.

Team work and responsibility: We like teamwork because we know that “two heads are better than one”. We get to solutions carefully and we take ownership of our work.

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