You Can Earn Money by Giving Free Advice on a Blog After All


A large number of websites of companies and organizations have a “blog” category, but, in fact, they don’t really have a blog. In that category, we can usually read some short news about company activities, such as some promotions, new partnerships and so on. Those are actually news, and they should be differentiated from blogs. A blog is a way better tool which requires a lot of work, but can be multiply beneficial. If one doesn’t appreciate people who write blogs, they should try to write useful texts over and over again at a determined pace.

A blog can positively affect two things on the website of a company:



  • articles can reinforce certain keywords
  • articles can “go viral” and make a brand better-known

The first advantage is that, by writing SEO friendly articles on the blog, you reinforce certain keywords on your site, therefore improving your position in Google Search. Based on that, you increase the number of relevant visitors to your site, so, consequently, the number of enquiries for your product or service increases too.

What about the second point? It is an important thing. Here we don’t need average, but extraordinary blog posts and articles that offer some valuable information. You can share some of your professional knowledge with visitors. You share your knowledge, advice and experience through your articles on social networks.

Your blog post should cause a reaction, and not necessarily be connected to something that concerns the business of the actual company. Interesting and/or quality content will cause a reaction on social networks, accumulating likes and shares, favs and retweets and your story will expand. Visitors to the site will be grateful to you, so they will remember your blog as a place where they can find some useful information that cannot be found on other websites. So, sharing advice is not a direct sale of products or services, but is a way of building a name among the audience. That way you become a brand and gain credibility, which makes visitors take you seriously. So you will long enjoy the fruits of your former creative work.


What Should You Write About?

Everything sounds so simple in theory. You write a great article and that’s it. The fact is that it is quite difficult to impress people this way and the creation of this kind of content has become a profession worldwide.

There are a few kinds of posts you could try writing:



  • Advice and assistance: How to do something, how to facilitate it, or create it step by step
  • Motivation: Stories that motivate and inspire are always well-received, because people like to hear stories that make them move
  • Expert corner: Blogs written by an expert in a particular area where they talk about all the important events in their area of interest

It is difficult, but not impossible to achieve that aim. It is necessary to have knowledge in the field you write about and to offer it unconditionally as a present.

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