Keyword and Competition Research and Analysis 

In order to have noticeable benefits from your website, it should have a good position within Google Search results for specific keywords and phrases. Those keywords are, actually, all the phrases that people type in Google Search which can provide conversion (sale of product/service). For instance, if you are in the business of making double beds, your website should have a high ranking among search results when someone types in phrases like ‘double beds’, ‘bed production’, bed manufacturing’ and all other relevant phrases. 


Search Engine Optimization for a Vast Number of Keywords

Websites used to be optimized for one or two phrases, but nowadays things have changed. In WBS Internet marketing agency, we try to position our customers’ websites high for as wide range of phrases as possible, so, in this case, we would use related phrases, such as ‘queen beds’, ‘two-person beds’, ‘high quality beds’ and so on.

It is much more useful to be well positioned for a vast number of phrases, then to be the first result for a single phrase.


How Do We Perform Niche Analysis

Niche analysis is important for improving the website structure and organizing the website content in the best way possible. That further leads to better positioning for the desired keywords and to increasing the website traffic.

When we perform niche analysis, we check how widespread a phrase is in searches (how often people search for it), and how many competitor websites are optimized for the same phrase.

When it comes to a furniture producer, we have several different niches, such as beds, closets, tables, chairs, and everything else the customer produces. Every one of those niches contains micro niches, so, when it comes to beds, we have double beds, children’s beds, double bunk beds, and so on. Tables can be dining room tables, club tables, round tables, etc. The point is to ensure a good position for your website for as many of those keywords as possible.

In the end of the story about phrases and keywords, we may not forget long phrases, which are becoming ever more present in searches. Since Google is trying to become a knowledge base which will provide detailed answers to specific questions, the so called ‘long tail’ phrases and texts which answer the questions are becoming important. One of those phrases would be ‘the best double beds’ or ‘how to choose double beds’.

Experts in WBS online marketing agency have realized how important those phrases are and we always try to create texts which provide answers and present your product or service in the same time on your websites.

Therefore, the choice of keywords depends, above all, on what your business is about. You choose the phrases you want to be highly ranked for, and we provide analysis that will estimate if attention should be paid to some other keywords too.


How Do We Choose the Right Keywords

The choice of keywords is of vital importance for the beginning of working on creating a better position for a website among search results. That is why it is important to precisely determine the keywords we would like to be highly positioned for within Google Search results, before initiating the process of search engine optimization. A mistake is often made there, so, even though a webpage is on the first page of Google, that doesn’t prove to be useful, because the right keywords and phrases have not been chosen. When it comes to the example from the beginning, if you produce double beds, you are going to position yourself for the phrase ‘double beds’, instead of the phrase ‘furniture workshop’ and the like. The reason is simple – people search the web for products rather than the producer.

When choosing the keywords for high ranking in a search engine, there are two things to pay attention to:


  • How often people search for the phrase?
  • How many other websites are optimized for the very same phrase?

By using a precise software, we will check how often people use Google to search for a certain phrase during a month on the territory you cover. If it is not used too often, than it would be a waste of time and money to optimize your website for those words. In case the number of searches for that phrase is somewhat higher, then we have to determine how strong the competition is.

Your competitors also want a good position within Google Search results, and, in case they started before you, they certainly have an advantage. If there are many websites that are trying to get to the first page of the search results for the same keywords that you are also interested in, that doesn’t mean that you can’t outsmart them and get new customers or buyers.

Thanks to our analysis and our experience, we will be able to find other keywords, which are, perhaps, searched for a bit less frequently, but which will lead the website to the results more quickly. We will try to rank your website for a vast number of phrases less frequently searched for and, if competition is not high there, we will fulfill our aim more quickly.


It Is Important to Be Familiar with the Competitors

Before we start working, we analyze your competitors. We check how good their position is with certain phrases, how hard it is to get through, how old their domain is, how relevant their website is, how strong they are on social networks and how many important links lead to their website.

All this is relevant data WBS SEO agency experts use to create a strategy of working on improving your website.

WBS experts have succeeded in improving their customers’ search result position during the previous 7 years, leading new visitors to their websites, which has directly reflected on the advancement of their businesses. If you would like to be one of them and you realize that you need one, or more than one, of our services, feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form below, or via our Contact page.


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