Off-Site SEO

After on-site optimization has been completed and the website has been associated with the domain, the off-site SEO begins. Off-site SEO is comprised of a range of actions performed outside the website being optimized for the purpose of strengthening the importance of the website and, consequently, achieving a better position in search results.

Leaving your website links on other websites and sharing links from your website on social networks represents the essence of the off-site SEO process. However, that is a complex task because, in order to reach the desired results, it is necessary to build a base of quality and reliable links leading to your website from external websites. Leaving a link on poor websites can be counterproductive and that is the reason we build the link base for our customer by making connections with websites that have existed for a long time, have original content and that don’t link to everyone.

WBS online marketing agency has been in the website optimization business since 2008. Over the years, we have established cooperation with a number of reliable experts and informative portals which are ready to share links to websites we optimize, and therefore we provide quality links that are hard to get to. Our associates know that the links we provide lead to a website the quality of which we guarantee.


Search Engine Optimization through Link Building 

Google’s philosophy is that you should create a website and, if it proves to be relevant, people will link to it themselves, therefore improving its rating and authority. That is a nice concept, but the reality is different. Spontaneous linking is a process that happens rarely and slowly to a limited number of websites and, if you wait for the relevance of your website to be built spontaneously, your competitors most certainly will not. Instead, they will look for help from SEO experts and get a higher ranking in Google Search results.

The abovementioned reasons are precisely why you should build links yourself and make everything look exactly like Google sees it – like the links are built spontaneously, by individuals.

Link building can be performed in various ways. In WBS Internet marketing agency, we perform the following activities in order to make the off-site process highly efficient:

• we write relevant and original texts which link to the website being optimized
• we leave links on relevant forums because that is also a way of increasing the importance of a website

SEO Evolves and Experts Follow the Changes

The rules of the game change all the time and, what used to produce the desired results can now ruin the authority of your website. That is why in WBS search engine optimization agency, we constantly follow the ranking of websites in search results and hints sent by Google and SEO experts from all over the world. In order to offer the users the best search results possible, Google changes its algorithm all the time, and those changes are visible in updates, such as Penguin and Panda. Following those changes we constantly adapt our methods to the rules of the game determined by the search engine and that way we succeed in maintaining a good position for our websites.

An entire team of experts is behind the search engine optimization process performed for you in WBS. That is why we are able to create a good text in a short period of time that will be eagerly published on various portals, therefore providing a connection to your website. All of this is a complex endeavour that, at the moment, no individuals or agencies new in the website optimization business can offer.


Site Optimization and Social Networks 

The right approach to social networks can have multiple benefits for your business – starting from presenting your business in a good way to potential customers, to building a good reputation for your website.

Nowadays, Google is so advanced that it can easily recognize if the link to your website that you shared on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ causes positive reactions or not. Those signals coming from social networks also affect website optimization and ranking, which is why, besides developing your profiles, WBS SEO agency also maintains its own strong and relevant profiles on social networks, which help its customers’ websites.

Off-site SEO improves the rating of your website, therefore improving its search results position all the time for certain keywords. It is a long lasting process which shows the first results at least six months after the beginning of a continuous quality work on it.

Thanks to a vast experience, a good team, systematic work and cooperation with third-party websites, WBS Internet marketing agency has succeeded in revolutionizing its customers’ businesses, exclusively due to improving their position in Google Search results. You can read about this in our case study. 

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