On-Site SEO

Website optimization aims to improve search results ranking for as many phrases as possible and to increase the number of visitors to a website. In order to achieve this, it is important to perform optimization on the website itself properly (on-site SEO), in order to proceed to further work on off-site optimization.

A properly optimized website must be well-organized both for visitors and Google’s robot, which estimates the quality of the content and, based on that estimate, ranks your website for specific phrases.

Web Business Solutions SEO agency has a six-year-long experience in this business, more than 50 satisfied clients (references) and numerous experts which will analyze your website in detail and create all conditions necessary to perform a quality off-site optimization, both for existing and future websites.


What Does On-Site SEO Imply?

On-Site optimization is comprised of a significant amount of details and the success of every single step depends on them. WBS experts pay attention to every single page of your web presentation, until all elements are in accordance with one another. On-site SEO includes creating title tags, H tags, meta-tags, as well as sitemaps and robots.txts properly.

To put it simple, when we initiate search engine optimization, we will take care of making the website title (title tag) and titles of all its pages look properly and that they contain the necessary keywords so as to acquire the best search results ranking for your website. The page title cannot be too long, because otherwise the search engine might not even consider that page. Also, the title should be meaningful and it should contain some of the keywords. This should be applied to every single page of the website, and there can be thousands of them.

A similar method is used for meta-tags too. They represent a short description of page content to be used by the Google robot. Those few sentences should contain all relevant data, including keywords. The text should be meaningful, neat and short, so the search engine can read and rate it properly.

H tags should also be present throughout page content, that is throughout texts, so that there are neither too few nor too many of them, in order to make it easier for the reader to read and divide the content into parts and, also, to stress certain phrases to the robot.

The website content, i.e. the texts on the website must be written in accordance with specific rules, one of which is the frequency of keyword occurrence. In order to rank a page for a phrase, that phrase must be repeated throughout the text the right number of times. Only experience leads to the right number, which enables the text to be recognized as relevant by Google, which provides a high ranking for the website. However, if you try to achieve success by overusing the keywords, and by senseless repetition, you will create a big problem because you will not be among the search results. Google doesn’t like cheap tricks.

From everything we have mentioned, it can be concluded that on-site optimization is comprised of a huge number of details, which require a significant amount of time and knowledge and are not less important than the rest of the website optimization process. Here, it is quite easy to make a mistake, which is why it is important to do the work properly, precisely and without errors. Regardless of whether you just need to consult experts and a short-term help, or a long-term cooperation, you can contact us via our Contact Page


A Number of Details on the Road to Success 

On-site optimization is not limited only to the abovementioned procedures. In fact, there are many, many more. Over the previous years, experts have realized that hundreds of factors influence the website ranking. That is why, in WBS online marketing agency, we constantly try to strike a balance between all those details. The speed of page loading, picture descriptions and the so-called alt tags, organization of title tags, meta-tags, H tags and alt tags – all of those are the details we have to pay attention to.

The keywords we emphasize through page titles and subtitles in the text must be present in the text content too, or else making them a part of titles and subtitles would be a deception. Google would see it like emphasizing in upper case letters something you don’t have, like a huge ‘sale’ sign in the shopping window of a shop where the prices are exactly the same like before the sale.

Working on a website, i.e. the on-site optimization is a continuous process. To perform it properly, it is necessary to follow the trends and to create adequate upgrades for the website parallel to all the changes and development Google dictates, and that is, in fact, the secret of success.

There are many offers for a quick and cheap creation of websites on the market. Such websites are worthless unless they are SEO friendly and unless the entire SEO process is done parallel to the making of the website. Precisely that is the reason why you should look for true experts in this field.

Site optimization is something that WBS Internet marketing agency is highly successful in. More than 50 satisfied clients (references), 6 years of experience in this business and an excellent team make WBS perfectly competent for this kind of service. If you realize you need content upgrades for your website, website analysis, the SEO process, or just a consultation, you can contact us by filling out the contact form below, or via the Contact Page.

In WBS we don’t just create websites, we develop your business.

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