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Google Ads advertising, previously known as the Google AdWords advertising, represents a fast and efficient way to achieve your marketing goals. Regardless whether your goal is promoting the brand new products or services, unknown to a certain market, or your goal is to reach the users that are familiar with a product/service and that are already in the process of searching and deciding where and from whom to buy a product or service, Google Ads is the right solution.


Google Ads advertising


Professional management of Google advertising is of key importance in order to maximise the results and return the assets you are investing in internet advertising. A proper management of Google ads requires much deeper knowledge compared to one that anyone can acquire through the Google certification system. Like in any other business, and for the Google advertising as well, besides necessary theoretical knowledge it is very important to possess the experience acquired through years of practical work, by overcoming challenges that are particular for each advertiser. Experience in practical work is thus one of the main reasons for a decision to hire the professionals for managing the Google ads. A substantial savings that you achieve through a rational management of Google ads, can be further used as a budget for some subsequent campaigns, for the stimulation of your employees, equipment procurement and for some other purposes.


Benefits to your business


By hiring our agency you get the following:


Better effects, higher return on invested money


  • through a professional setting and an adequate management of Google Ads campaign
  • through a constant adjusting and corrections on the website itself
  • through an advanced technical setting that enables us to identify the most profitable campaign parts




  • in every moment you can inform us to abort the campaign, because you do not have any long-term obligations towards us in regard to that matter (it often happens that a client informs us that we have loaded their capacities and they cannot receive any more queries)


Clear communication


  • Availability for all consultations
  • Regular and clear reports


Time savings


  • We are saving your time, your most expensive resource, and you can use that time in a smarter way, for the improvement of your service/product, and allow us to take care of your internet appearance 


Google AdWords advertising – our approach


An integrated Internet approach is necessary for online business development.


That is why we see the management of Google Ads advertising campaigns as part of a comprehensive strategy.


Having in mind that for our clients we mostly manage the entire online appearance, from a website creation to a web hosting rental, we coordinate AdWords with other online channels, and we conduct the necessary correction on the website itself.


With this approach we provide the most rational management of the budget that you have entrusted us with, because we do not favour any advertising channel in order to secure the highest profit.



Benefits that may be achieved by an adequate management of Google Ads advertising are numerous and will certainly positively affect your business. We are here to help you with that. For all the information that might interest you, as well as the consultations, feel free to contact us.



On the contrary, Google tools that are practically and industrial standard in measuring the performances of your website are directing us towards decisions that are rational from the perspective of when, where and how much to invest in order to achieve the highest return on the investment. Sometimes it is a technical or substantive correction of an existing website (optimisation for an organic search), sometimes a standard or remarketing display campaign, and sometimes intensification of the campaign on a browser towards the key words that contribute the most to the sales of your service/products.


How do we do it?


The standard steps that we take are as follows:


Analysing the current condition and defining goals for a future period


Upon establishing a cooperation our practice is to set up a meeting where we get to know your previous appearance and your goals for a future period. It might happen that we do not agree on cooperation, because we do not accept the projects at any price. We firmly believe that without mutual understanding and faith that desired goals can be reasonably achieved to a mutual satisfaction, there are no grounds for a healthy cooperation.


Keywords analysis, campaign structure proposal and ad copywriting


We conduct a complete analytics of your category and provide a proposition of the elements for an optimal campaign setting. We use Google Analytics, Search console, Keyword planner and other tools that we have either developed by ourselves or we pay a fee for using them. The result in a form of a campaign proposal is presented to you and upon your acceptance we upload it to Google Ads.


google ads


Setting up the metrics and campaign optimisation


Besides monitoring the basic performance parameters of your website we also conduct the implementation of advanced metrics by monitoring the additional spots that enable us to optimise campaign and to have an insight on the effects of other channels that bring the visitors to your website, aside from Google Ads. We use the advanced tools for measuring results and we constantly follow the parameters and use them to direct a further flow to the most profitable segments.




Reporting dynamics and form are being synchronized according to the project needs, and most often through the monthly reports with oral consultations during a month. At any moment you have a direct access to the Google Ads account and Google Analytics account, so you can always freely check by yourself all the parameters that interest you. Of course, we are always at your service for the result interpretation.


Where are the Google ads displayed?


Google Ads (Google AdWords) advertisments are divided on basic units Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube and by choosing an unit, the ads can be shown on the following positions:


Google Search


The advertisments are shown on a Google browser, and additionally, if we want that, on the network of partner websites for search.


These are only the textual ads which appear based on the keywords /queries that users /potential buyers are searching on a Google browser.


Image 1 – Example of an add on a Google browser


google search


Google Display Network


The ads can be shown on any website that is the part of so called Google Adsense program. The Google Adsense program is offered practically to every website in the world, and involves that a website owner /administrator puts a Google Adsense code on its own website where it wants to allow that certain Google ad appears.


The ads can be in an image, textual or a video form, and they can be always recognised on a website by a little blue mark that is located in the upper part of the ad.


Image 2 – Example of Google Display Network ad


Google Display Network ad




Youtube ads can be shown within a video that a user is watching, through a video that a user is watching, beside the video on top of the right column or in the search for videos.


The most used format in our region is of course the video format, but a static image or a dynamic banner can be used as well (HTML 5).


Google Ads function and goal


Google Search advertising is ideal for the improvement of sales results, because the ads appear only to the users who already search a concrete product. It is far more probable that those "mature" visitors of your website also become your customers, compared to those who are not yet in a purchasing phase (e.g. to the greatest extent all those people who are being exposed to your ad through the TV commercials, billboards, newspaper ads, as well as other forms of internet ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Display Network ads etc.)


Google Search ads are not being displayed to the customers who have not searched you, and this is why the Google ads on a browser represent the most efficient way to increase the number of buyers.


The aim of the Google Display Network ads is to raise awareness about your brand, products and services. This type of ads plays a special part in cases when number of queries per certain keywords on a Google browser is not high enough (simply said, "no one or almost no one is searching that on Google"). In that case Google Search cannot deliver a satisfying number of visits to your website, nor it can achieve the expected sales results.


In that case the Google Display Network is an ideal solution because through the targeting options that are offered to us, we can show your image, textual or a video ad to a huge number of users that will visit your website either instantly (by clicking the ad) or will search later for you, your product or service on Google Search, when they find it convenient.


If the offer on your website is interesting to the visitor, you have got a new buyer and a new sale.


It is possible within this network as well to achieve a significant improvement of sales results, but the main, fundamental difference compared to a Google Search campaign is a purchasing phase where a user/potential buyer is situated.


Youtube ads, similar to the Google Display Network ads, have a function of raising the awareness of a brand, but without a direct sale. The advantage of Youtube lies in a huge number of users, as well as in a significant amount of time that the users spend on Youtube. Having in mind a rising trend in consuming the video contents over the years, Youtube has a significant role, especially in the promotion of new product or service.


Google Search and Google Display Network, as well as Youtube, perfectly complement and improve the users’ movement from the phase of awareness that your product or service exist on the market, through the choice of you as a seller and the choice to buy what they need exactly from you, until returning and buying again and recommending it to a friend.


The most sophisticated skill is to lead a customer through the "sales funnel", from a complete unawareness to a loyal buyer, or even a brand ambassador, someone who will recommend you to the friends and acquaintances.


Targeting through Google Ads


Google Ads provides numerous options of targeting that can be mutually combined. The key is to define a goal based on which an appearance strategy will be adopted – choice of channels and ad forms, advertising dynamics and intensity, models of targeting the intended audience.


Some of the targeting possibilities are targeting by:


  • keywords
  • geographic location
  • demographic features
  • user preferences
  • topics on the websites where the ads are being published
  • devices used by the users
  • behaviour of the website users (for the users that have already visited your website)


There are other, more advanced targeting possibilities that are most often based on other Google tools used in our work (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager...), that we technically connect to your Google Ads account.


Models of Google Ads payment


There are several payment models, and those that are mostly used are PPC - pay per click, payment per number of shown ads (CPM – price for 1.000 appearances), payment per viewed or started video (depending on a Youtube format is used in the campaign).


For each chosen model a planned consumption amount is being determined, so there is a complete budget control and maximum flexibility.


It is important to know that you pay only the effects that are in accordance with the goals you have set, and you do not pay mere showing of ads, that the users probably do not even react to.


The Google AdWords advertising prices


The fee for our services is defined depending on complexity of a particular project (which elements it contains, number of working hours needed in order to deliver a complete service). The fee is most commonly consisted of two parts:


  • fixed amount per month depending on the scope of campaign,
  • % of the budget that you intend to invest in advertising.


The fee also includes setting up a campaign, setting up and connecting the Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, connecting a Search console with Google Analytics account, setting up a Google Tag Manager account, setting goals (conversions), audience segmentation (among other things, it will be useful for the remarketing campaigns).


The specified prices are approximate, please contact us in order to deliver you a precise offer.




Check the list of clients who are using our services and feel free to ask them about the cooperation with us, the effects of that cooperation and communication.


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