Creating an online store that meets the customers’ needs


You have a seasoned business where you invested money and time, or an idea that you are still planning to conquer the market with? Are you thinking how to make an advantage over your competitors, and to bring the business to a higher level? Creating an online store is the right solution for you! Thereby you will enter the largest world market such as the Internet, where the possibilities for yourself and your business are beyond limits.


Creating an online store


Why setting up an online store is exactly what you need?


The reason is simple. Even if you are planning to open a retail, you need to think about benefiting a full potential of the Internet market and providing your business with an opportunity to continuously grow and develop. Some researches show that the number of those who conduct practically all their activities on the Internet, from informing to buying the necessary products and services, has been constantly rising. You can use that fact in the best possible way if you transfer your business to the Internet and learn how to sell on it, i.e. how to launch the Internet sales.


Besides providing services of web shop store creation, our Agency is conducting redesign and all the necessary adaptations of your existing online store, and in every moment you can freely contact us for all the questions you would like to ask.


Basic features of web shop that we create


Mobile responsive design


We develop online stores by adjusting them to all the devices that can have access, thus making them available to everyone in any moment.


Unlimited number of categories and subcategories


Through your online store you will be able to present your products in the right way and to categorise them as well, thus enabling the potential buyer to easily find exactly what he/she is interested in.


Unlimited number of products


Your internet store will enable you to work efficiently whether you have one, or several thousand products in your sales portfolio.


A SEO-friendly code


An online store is developed with an intention of being completely ready for the SEO optimisation process that follows after putting it into operation.


Possibility to manage the store by yourself


We develop online stores in Custom CMS which is completely adapted to the users, so they can make changes on the online store simply and easily by themselves.


Multiple accounts for managing


We have provided an option for adding multiple accounts that can manage the web shop. Also, you can allow different rights and authorisations for different accounts.



Setting up an online store provides many advantages that should be used in a timely manner in order to bring your business activities to a higher level and to navigate them in the right direction. We are here to help you. In any moment you can contact us for consultation and all the necessary information.



Online store functionality


Here we shall point out some of the functionalities that your online store might have, and in case that you came up with some special functionality, we shall implement it during the online store setup. In short, you will get all the information about getting the online store that you have imagined.


  • unlimited possibility of adding the categories, subcategories and products
  • possibility of moving a product into promotion and assigning the promotional prices
  • implementation of different payment methods (card, payment slip, cash on delivery, Pay Pal...)
  • adding the descriptions of categories, subcategories and products
  • option to show recently viewed products
  • option to show similar products
  • simple and easy product search
  • AJAX search
  • multilingualism
  • possibility of connection with an accounting software
  • possibility of connection with a transportation company software
  • possibility of connection with a SMS service
  • possibility of promo code for the promotional activities
  • possibility of applying a discount
  • wholesale module


Template solution or the unique web shop design – the choice is yours


Online store can be developed on a template solution, and we offer you as well a service of creating a custom made design of online store, where all your ideas may be implemented.


web shop


For you we conduct domain leasing and web hosting


A complete service that our agency is offering to you during the online shop creation, also includes a leasing of domain where the store will be located, as well as the web hosting services. This way you get everything in one place, which is particularly important for the efficiency of work itself.


Setting up an online store is the first step of your appearance on the Internet


Of course, creating an e-store represents only the first step that should be taken if you want a successful appearance at the largest world market as the Internet is. When the online sales, i.e. online store is launched, it should be managed and developed, just the same as the standard physical retail shops. Besides, you need to constantly update a product assortment and to work on the store’s security. Online store has a number of advantages compared to the standard shops if you know what are the best sellers on the Internet, but it does not mean that the work is done with its creation.


Set up a meeting

We are available for you in any moment for all the information that you need. Contact us and we shall set up a meeting to consider together the best options that will improve your business.


Internet marketing is the next step, and something where you will have to invest time and resources, in order to make your online store visible to the widest range of potential buyers. With classic stores you need to print the promotional material that is being distributed later, then you need also to invest in other forms of advertising, such as billboards for example, and all in order to catch attention of those people who are outside the narrow surroundings of your store.


Situation is different with an online store, and this is its biggest advantage compared to the classical stores. By conducting an integrated and adequate internet campaign, which involves a SEO optimisation, then the AdWords campaigns, as well as the appearance on social networks, you are able to reach those people who are exactly interested in your offer wherever they might be located, and that is the most important thing.


Our agency, besides creation of online stores, has a long-lasting experience in managing internet campaigns for clients from the most different business areas. With us you can get a complete service, from launching a web page for online sales, to the management of a complete marketing process that follows.


Frequently asked questions related to the creation of online stores


Which advantages an online shop creation can offer to the clients?


The advantages are numerous. Your clients, i.e. buyers, are the most important. That is why you should make sure they get a special attention and receive everything in order for them to feel comfortable. And by creating an online store they also get numerous advantages. It is above all an opportunity to do shopping from any place, at any time. Then, the approach is direct, meaning there are no crowds, lines and waiting as is the case with classic stores.


What is the price of web shop creation?


The price of web shop creation is determined by multiple factors. Above all it depends on the functionality that your internet company is going to have, then, whether it was done on a template solution or is it a custom made design. Naturally, all details related to an online store creation are being negotiated at the meeting, and that is where you will get a concrete price. A free online store, or web shop creation free of charge, without the investments, is not the right way to go, because those solutions have numerous shortcomings that can later have a negative influence on the entire business.


Can I have a direct contact with my buyers?


Certainly. During the creation of online store a chat option is implemented, so the potential buyers can contact you in any moment, and find out in real-time all the information they need. It is extremely important for making an impression to the potential buyers, because they will perceive you as expedient and ready to answer their requests in any moment.


Once the online store has been created, is it going to be completely prepared for a SEO optimisation process?


Yes. Web shops that we create are completely ready for a SEO optimisation process that follows. This means that all SEO standards are met in the process of its creation and that an online store is prepared in the best way for work on its further development.


Is there any kind of limitation regarding the number of products that can be uploaded on online store?


There are no limitations of any kind. One of the most important functionalities of our online stores is the unlimited product adding. Regardless what you are selling, a complete assortment of your products can be presented on your online store.


Do you offer an online store management training, once the creation is done?


Yes, after the online store creation is completed we provide a training in Custom CMS, that was developed in first place in order to be accessible and simple for everyone’s use.


Does an online shop creation has advantages compared to the sales on Facebook?


Absolutely. If you know how to sell through Facebook, you are certainly aware that you must behave by the rules that someone else had prescribed and that can change in any moment, which may certainly have a negative effect on your business. Selling products via Internet is the safest option and delivers the best results, provided that you have your own online store, according to the experience of many users, because in that case the result that you are going to achieve depends entirely on you.


I am planning to open a clothes shop, do you recommend the online store creation for that business as well?


Certainly. Creating an online store by the professionals, provides you with an opportunity to present your products in the right way and to offer them to a larger number of people, than it would have been the case with opening a physical store. A growth potential is extremely big, so you should certainly think in this direction.


How to register an online store, i.e. online sales?


You can register your online store in the Business Registers Agency under the activity code 4791 – Post Office and Internet Retailing.


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