SEO website – a complete and full process that brings the results



SEO website optimisation for browsers represents a number of different processes aiming to bring a certain website to a better position in Google Search for as many relevant phrases as possible.


The goal of a website optimisation is to make your website better positioned, as much as possible, for all those phrases in a search engine that could bring you some kind of conversion. A website that is adequately optimised brings with itself an increase in traffic. More importantly, we are talking about the visits of those who precisely need your service or a product. And that is exactly the greatest upside of a Google SEO website – it directly influences the increase in sales and queries for a product/service that you offer.


Experience as a guarantee of quality


If you wish to improve your business, do not hesitate to contact us, and we shall find together the best solution for you.


Website optimisation for Google – why is it so important and what aims to achieve?


Modern times inevitably bring a change in trends, so today it has become a rule that if you intend to run some kind of business, you need to be visible on the Internet as well. Being merely present on the Internet does not suffice, you should rather reach exactly those persons who need your product or your service. And this is where a SEO website optimisation for browsers, i.e. an adequately optimised website, plays a crucial role.


If the optimisation process is adequately conducted, it will lead to an increase of relevant traffic on your website, generated through an organic search. And a relevant traffic on website represents exactly a primary goal for all of those who have some kind of product or a service, and wish to market it over the Internet.


On the image bellow you can see how an organic traffic increase in a recent period, which represent the primary goal of website optimisation, looks like for our client Mobiliart.


seo website


And in order to achieve such an increase in traffic, it is necessary to be positioned adequately on the relevant Google searches.


optimizacijom sajta do prvog mesta na google za led sijalice


A website that is optimised correctly will be positioned on top of the organic searches for phrases that are relevant to its area of activity. As a consequence it will lead not only to an increase in traffic, but to an increase in conversions, that is, it will directly influence an increase in sales of products or services.


This is how, for example, the companies that are dealing with sales and installation of PVC joinery, will achieve substantially higher sales (and greater number of queries), if their website is positioned on top of the searches for a phrase ’PVC joinery’. The same goes for all the other professions and activities. The reason is simple: people are increasingly (and that trend is going to continue) searching the necessary products and services over the Internet, and in that case, those who have positioned their websites on top of the organic searches inevitably achieve the best results.



SEO optimisation provides benefits that you must exploit and, by doing so, it will take your business to the next level. Our agency is here to help you with that. For all the information that might interest you, and for the consultations as well, feel free to contact us.



seo benefits


How do we conduct a SEO?


How to conduct a Google optimisation is an important question for all of those who would like to enter this process, in order to achieve the benefits for their business activities. Besides the importance of conducting any system optimisation in a correct manner, it is also important to manage a website optimisation process adequately. And more importantly, it takes time to achieve the quality (and sustainable) results of SEO website, and you need to have that in mind. It is like that because a SEO optimisation takes serious work, and requires maximum of dedication and knowledge.


You can easily find web tutorials of Google SEO website optimisation, where it is presented how the process should function, but for a serious work on website it is necessary to contact the professionals who can deliver a complete and quality service.


Satisfied clients

Having many years of experience, our SEO agency  has been constantly working on the improvement of its services, and our satisfied clients that we have been cooperating with are the guarantee that we have been doing it properly.


There is no simple answer to the question what a SEO is, because it represents a process that requires a constant work and is being composed of number of tasks that should be completed (and performed) adequately. Whether we are talking about developing a new website (online store or internet presentation) or about conducting the optimisation on an existing website.


Anyway, at the meeting with our client we arrive to the best solution by a mutual analysis, and we decide about when it is better to develop a new website, and when the optimisation process can be smoothly conducted on the existing website.


Google SEO on a brand new website


The optimisation process for Google starts even before the website creation, and is referred to all the processes that should be done on the website, in order to prepare it for the subsequent activities. At the same time it represents the first stage, while the second stage of SEO website refers to the work and processes that are being conducted off-page.


First stage


  • Niche analytics
  • Website conceptualisation
  • Website content writing
  • Harmonising content with the optimisation requirements
  • On site SEO


Second stage


  • Link building process
  • Social signals from the social media
  • Continuous creation of a new website content
  • Continuous On-page analysis and On-page corrections




Niche analytics and website conceptualisation – the foundation of a future work


Analytics involves a thorough research of key words in your niche, i.e. business area. We approach the analytics very seriously and conduct it thoroughly, because it represents the foundation upon which we develop a subsequent Google SEO strategy and a plan of further activities.


In this stage it is necessary to define all those phrases that are important for the website in question, i.e. those that the website should position for at top of the Google Search. Analytics define the most searched phrases, followed by those less searched that are valuable to continue working on, because they will also bring conversions, as well as the long tail phrases, that seem reasonable to push forward. When this is done, we get a roadmap with a direction where the website optimisation should go, that is, what we should focus on.


seo google


Our work principle is not to work only on one key phrase, but our basic goal is to position a website on top of the search for the widest possible range of important phrases that will lead to an increase in organic traffic on your website, and to an increase in conversions.


A website concept should be developed after a thorough analytics. It has to take into account both the products and services that you offer, as well as what your target group is doing on the internet. A website concept must be well-organised, so the users can find what is relevant to their needs when they visit a website, and simultaneously all the SEO standards must be respected.


On-site optimisation


Under the On-site SEO we include all those works that are necessary to conduct on the website itself.


First of all, each page should contain a Title tag and Description tag. These two tags are the most important from Google’s point of view, and must be created properly. Title tag must also contain a key phrase that is important for the page itself, while Description tag (description visible under the subheading in search) most contain an adequate call for action that will attract a potential buyer.


Besides these tags, as part of the On-site optimization, we create a content on website, which involves category and product descriptions. Those texts that we write are unique and written under the Google SEO standards.


Also, all the images on website must contain the Alt tags, which is certainly one of the details to pay attention to, given that they influence the ranking.


In this stage we also check a loading speed of web pages, followed by interlinking, as well as the entire visual appearance. Besides being necessary that everything is impeccable from a technical point of view, it is very important for a website to be visually on a high level. Because when a visitor enters the website, the goal is to keep him/her there.


Off-site SEO and creation of a new website content


As we have already mentioned, when the work process on a website itself is done, the second stage of a SEO optimisation, which is equally important, should ensue.


It involves a continuous link building process, as well as creation of social signals from the social networks on the website itself.


Link building - process that increases authority


First of all, it should be noted that link building is a process which represents the creation of network of links on other websites that lead to your website. As network gets wider and the more links on other websites lead towards you, the more it will influence the rise of your website’s authority with Google, which directly affects the ranking in search.


Our SEO agency conducts a link building process in a completely natural way. We place the unique texts on other websites, written about a subject that is important to you, and they contain a link leading to your website. The content that is being created is of extreme quality and because of that quality it is published by a number of portals, and from the text a link naturally leads to your website. Besides this kind of link building, we work as well on link earning, i.e. finding a way to completely naturally obtain the links.


At the meeting, together with you, we set a strategy of link building, i.e. the dynamics of link publishing. And it depends on the agreed strategy how soon the Google SEO will start to bring results.


Creating the social signal


Also, creation of social signal is one of the items that should not be omitted when conducting a website optimization for Google, and it involves sharing the content of your website on social networks. For years we had been developing a page on Facebook named "Apartment decoration – tips and tricks” that has around 330,000 members, as well as the “Health” page that has over 36,000 members. Through these pages, but also from other channels on social networks, clients receive the necessary social signals that Google is valuing, which influences the increase of a website’s authority.


Creating the new website contents (blog)


When it comes to the creation of new website contents, in agreement with you we can write blogs on carefully selected topics that are important for your business activity. A strategy is first created as well as a plan of the blog content, and afterwards topics are defined on a weekly, biweekly or a monthly basis, depending on the agreement with client. Afterwards, as agreed, the quality blog posts are written by the SEO standards.


The benefits stemming from blogs are multiple. From mere website enrichment with a new content, then a website positioning in searches on long-tail keywords that were mentioned earlier, to the writing about attractive topics that will be shared on social networks, where the website will generate heavy traffic.


As an example of good practice and importance of blog posts creation we can mention creating and delivering a blog strategy for the company Baltic Junior and its website Probotanic. In a short term the website had ranked the products they offer (wild oregano oil, cumin, etc...). After that we conceived a plan to push through the blogs about diseases that are treated by their products. Quality blog posts were written on subjects such as – Escherichia coli, candida, gout and many others. As a result came a multiple increase of relevant traffic, which is a primary goal of website optimisation.


How do we provide a SEO on an existing website?


SEO on an existing website starts with the keyword analytics (same as with the new website) and creation of a SEO brief.


SEO brief helps us to perceive the entire condition of a website at the moment, and provides us with an answer which program and content corrections should be conducted on website in order to prepare it for the second stage of optimisation (mentioned earlier in the text). The part with program corrections is sent to a developer who designed the website (in agreement with the client, corrections could be made by our developers as well), while we make the content corrections.


After that we test the finished corrections and a website is ready for the second stage in the website optimisation process.


Continuous monitoring of the SEO results and effects on your business


By using tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager and many others, we continuously monitor the results that are achieved through the management of SEO process and we plan the following steps accordingly. Also we are permanently in contact with our clients, so we have an insight into the achieved conversions and how they affect the increase in business activities. This is all the information of great importance, because only in that manner we can steer a SEO campaign into the right direction and improve it constantly.


Insight into the complete process and the course of work on your website optimisation


Naturally, our clients have a complete insight into the work process of their website optimisation. It is extremely important because we provide them with big picture of what they get for a set budget. And for us it is extremely important that a client also understands the website optimisation process as well as the benefits that can be achieved if SEO is done properly.


seo process


SEO website price


The website optimisation price depends on different factors, that is why we specify to our clients at the meeting what they can expect in return for a certain price. The price is defined according to the work intensity, which involves the time spent on analysis and On-page corrections, then a number and quality of blog posts that would be written by our team, the link building process intensity, as well as the potential arrangement of taking over part of work by the client’s team.


Together with a client at the meeting we shall arrange the best possible and the most optimal arrangement for a specific project, and after that the price shall be completely clear and defined.


If you would like to find out the information about price, and all other details regarding the SEO process, do not hesitate to contact us at any moment.


Part of our references


Take a look at some of our references, and on the following link you can find our complete portfolio.


SEO referenca format alde

Format Alde d.o.o.


Main phrase: pvc stolarija

SEO referenca pink apartmani


Pink apartmani Beograd


Phrases: apartmani Beograd, smeštaj Beograd, prenoćište Beograd

SEO referenca mobiliart

Mobiliart d.o.o.


Phrases: LED sijalice, LED rasveta



Phrases: auto gume, letnje gume, zimske gume,

SEO referenca ponte

Ponte travel


Phrases: preko 500 fraza relevantnih za turističke agencije

SEO referenca auto skola pavlin

Auto škola Pavlin


Phrases: auto skola, polaganje vožnje

SEO referenca hirurgija drašković

Hirurgija dr Drašković


Phrases: operacija vena, operacija hemoroida

SEO referenca silux



Main phrase: auto delovi

SEO referenca Woby haus

Wooby haus


Main phrase: bušilice, brusilice

SEO referenca cvećara decora

Cvećara Decora


Phrases: bidermajeri, dostava cveća, cvećara Beograd

SEO referenca nikov vrata

Nikon vrata


Phrases: sigurnosna vrata, sobna vrata, unutrašnja vrata

SEO referenca zlatara tanaskovic

Zlatara Tanasković

Phrases: burme, vereničko prstenje, ogrlice, minđuše

SEO referenca svm knjigovodstvene usluge


SVM - ujedinjena poslovna rešenja


Phrases: knjigovodstvena agencija, knjigovodstvene usluge

SEO referenca lav cakes


Lav cakes


Phrases: ketering Beograd, rođendanske torte, svadbene torte

SEO referenca probotanic



Phrases: kandida, ešerihija koli


Frequently asked questions regarding the SEO website


What tools do you use for tracking the optimisation results?


For tracking the results we use Google Analytics and Search Consol. But it is very important to point out that these tools, and the acquired information are helpful only if they are properly used. Besides these primary tools we also use a number of other ones, that help us to get a complete picture and to clearly define further steps.


When it comes to the link building process analysis and realisation, we use numerous tools such as Ahrefs and others.


Are the SEO courses that are being organized useful and sufficient in order to acquire the necessary knowledge related to a website optimisation?


A SEO course might be very useful, but only if it is held by those who possess a practical experience, i.e. those who have already conducted projects. You will not become a SEO specialist (expert) by attending a course, but you can get a valuable foundation that could be an excellent starting point for a further development in the right direction.


seo website google

Does a website optimisation also includes a search from smartphone devices?


Yes. We frequently receive questions about the mobile phone optimisation and whether the work on a website optimisation means that a website will be positioned as well on top of the search for smartphones and other devices. Of course, if the SEO process is conducted adequately it will produce results unrelated to a device where the search is conducted from.


I am in a dilemma - SEO or Google AdWords? What to do?


Manu clients that we cooperate with were having this dilemma in the beginning, i.e. they invested all their funds in the Google AdWords, thus completely neglecting the optimisation. And our experience says that SEO must have an absolute priority. Simply, a website optimisation that is conducted properly provides the long-term results, while Google AdWords gives results only as long you are paying for it.


We advise our clients to, besides the budget for SEO, secure part of the funds for AdWords as well, simply in order to bridge a gap more easily until the optimisation delivers a full result.


Is there a guarantee that my website will appear first on Google Search?


No, there is no such a guarantee. Whoever says differently, is trying to deceive you. Google often changes its algorithm, which causes the factors that influence ranking to change as well.


A guarantee might be only the results which the agency that you are cooperating with have already achieved. And we can proudly say that our clients keep the first positions on Google for tens of relevant phrases from the most different areas.


Is there any limit in a number of phrases that a website might be optimised for?


No, there are no limitations in that regard, but we shall certainly establish our priorities through the creation of a SEO strategy. A SEO website must be performed with a clear plan, and that is certainly one of the preconditions for achieving a success.

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