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As explained in the text ‘Full and Complete SEO Process’, website optimization is a very complex process that needs to be done professionally and continuously in order to achieve the best website ranking among Google search results.

If you would like to perform your website optimization yourself, or you have already begun the optimization process and you have noticed that your website isn’t showing desirable results, or that its position among Google search results is becoming worse, which is directly reflected in the website traffic decline, the best thing to do is to contact our SEO experts who will analyze the existing problem and find the most appropriate solution for the specific situation.

As part of the SEO consulting service, WBS online marketing agency offers advice and recommendations in regard to solving specific problems which can occur during the website optimization process. The subject of SEO consulting can be any segment of the website optimization process. How to perform niche analysis and determine the strength of your competition, how to follow positions in Google Search results, how to remove undesired consequences some of Google’s updates has had on your website – all those questions can be the topic of SEO consulting.

In order to recover and improve your search engine ranking as soon as possible, it is necessary for you to contact us. WBS online marketing agency has a plenty of experience in this field and a vast number of satisfied clients (references).

After the consultations, you will be able to deal with solving a specific issue, or improving your position among the search results yourself, but it is always better to leave that part of the job to experts who are more experienced than you. Depending on the specific situation, WBS Internet marketing agency offers consulting services a certain number of hours per month, or the entire website optimization service.

If you have any questions about website optimization, feel free to contact experts from the WBS online marketing agency, since, over the previous years, we have achieved truly amazing results in this field. A vast number of our satisfied customers, such as Menda, Drašković Polyclinics, Đak Sport and others (link for references) serves as a proof of the previously stated.

You can contact us by filling out the contact form below, or via the Contact page

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All the Factors that Influence Ranking in Google Search

All the Factors that Influence Ranking in Google Search

Experience has shown that some factors are important for search engine optimization. There is an official confirmation from Google that some of those factors influence site ranking, but many other factors have been discovered by SEO experts.

Google Is Changing the Mobile Search Algorithm Today – What Is Going to Happen?

Google Is Changing the Mobile Search Algorithm Today – What Is Going to Happen?

There will be no postponing. Google has confirmed that the algorithm change for mobile search is beginning on April 21st and that this is going to affect websites’ ranking in search results.

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