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Being present on social media is not a matter of choice any more, it is rather a necessity for those who would like to bring their business to a higher level. Whether you are new on the market or you have been present for a while, a potential that appearance and advertising on social media, Facebook and Instagram, brings about, is something that you have to dedicate your attention to.


Why Facebook and Instagram ads?


Numerous researches have shown that in 2019, on a monthly basis, there were 2.4 billion active users on Facebook and around a billion on Instagram. And these numbers are on upward trend, which especially relates to a social network Instagram.


facebook ads instagram promotion


When it comes to Serbia, according to data that we have received from Facebook Ads manager, number of active users above 18, goes around 3.5 million.


Looking these numbers, it becomes clear how vast is a potential of social media in development of any business. With advertising on Facebook and Instagram and with the adequately managed campaigns, your market becomes limitless and you have a possibility to present your product or service in a simple way to a vast number of people without any limitation (such as for example location, age, profession etc.).


What do we offer?


Professional administration of Facebook and Instagram ads, and constant communication with the client, in order to optimise each campaign adequately and to achieve the wanted results.


Most businesses need advertising on social media


Great majority of businesses can find their place on Facebook and Instagram and use their possibilities.


Some companies conduct their entire online business activities through these platforms, while the others consider the ads on Facebook and Instagram as a great support to an optimised website.


Certainly, each business has its own distinctiveness, and we carefully chose the strategy of online appearance in communication with our clients, as well as the level of intensity and manner of using the benefits of social media advertising.


facebook marketing


Of course, a distinction should be made here between the social networks as well, so some businesses are adequate for advertising on Facebook, while for the others a target audience is largely located on Instagram. And this is certainly one of the most important parameters when planning where and how the campaigns and ads will be created.


Community management and advertising


Management of Facebook and Instagram pages (community management) is important. It involves a thorough planning of announcements (posts) that will create a certain image about brand, then the announcements that will be interesting to the followers and inspire their reactions.


However, as Facebook and Instagram have been constantly changing their algorithms, it greatly affects a possibility to reach the new followers in an organic manner, as well as to reach a significant part of those who have been already following us.


And that is where ads and promotions on Facebook and Instagram come in. Functions they are offering in ads creation are numerous, and they allow us to reach the exact audience that is interested for our product or service.


Thorough targeting


Audience targeting (based on the demographics, location, preferences, and even behaviour) is one of the most important advantages of Facebook and Instagram advertising.


Above all this is a good thing because you are able to optimise your investments and direct the campaigns to potential buyers from whom you will benefit the most.


Even it might appear to someone that the Facebook and Instagram advertising is a simple job, it is definitely not the case. Many steps need to be made in order to create a campaign and an advertisement that will deliver you the best results. And this is the thing which all the people primarily interested to see their business growing, should pay attention to.


Social networks are definitely an ideal place to spend great amounts of money, and to make sure that you are not doing it in vain, one should be completely aware of all the possibilities that they are offering.



Our long-lasting experience and numerous clients we are cooperating with are certainly the best guarantee that we shall find for you an optimal strategy of social media advertising that will deliver the best results.


Feel free to contact us for all the information that might interest you, as well as for the consultations.


Creation of Facebook and Instagram ads


Facebook Ads Manager – the place where ads are being created


At the beginning it is important to know that all the advertisements are being created through the Facebook Ads Manager and that is where you can access at any time the campaigns that were run or have been currently running.


By linking the Facebook and Instagram accounts we get a possibility to play the ads from one place to both platforms, which is a significant advantage considering all the options that Ads manager offers.


facebook ads manager


Every profile opened on Facebook has an access to its personal Ads Manager, however, for the business campaigns it is recommended to open a Facebook Business Ads Manager which provides some extra features that will enable you to additionally improve your advertisements.


First step – set a clear goal that you want to achieve


Prior to creating an ad on Facebook and Instagram, it is important to set a clear aim that you would like to achieve with an advertisement. Likewise, by setting an aim, you will have a possibility to clearly measure the success of created Facebook and Instagram advertisement.


We give you an example of some goals that might be set:


  • increasing the website traffic from Facebook and Instagram
  • increasing the number of visitors on social media
  • increasing the interactions on Facebook or Instagram page
  • generating queries (lead)
  • increasing the brand awareness
  • and other


Second step – choosing a goal on Facebook Ads Manager


This is the foundation of every campaign. And with good foundation it is possible to build a stable story, in this case a Facebook and Instagram campaign that will deliver good results to us.


Facebook ads marketing


If we have clearly defined in the first step what we would like to achieve, it will be easier to choose a concrete objective in FB Ads Manager.


Numerous possibilities are being offered to us, and it is important to know that by choosing a goal in this step, we turn from the beginning towards those persons who are more inclined to do what suits us on the social networks. Thus, if our goal is a website traffic, our ads will appear to those persons who are more inclined to click on a link toward our website from the ad. If our goal is an increased interaction, the ads will be shown to the audience that is inclined towards liking, posting comments and sharing posts, etc.


Third step - targeting the audience and budgeting


Ads Manager is offering to us the numerous possibilities regarding the audience targeting. In that regard we can target the audience according to the:


  • location
  • age
  • gender
  • preferences
  • behaviour
  • demographic data


social media advertising


Besides, we shall also mention here the Facebook pixel, which is one more powerful tool that Facebook has to offer, that has become part of the majority of powerful campaigns on social media.


A Facebook pixel code is located in Ads Manager, and should be installed on a website, and its function is to collect the visitors on the website itself, to whom the Facebook remarketing campaigns could be played afterwards.


Also, besides creating the custom audience through FB pixel, it is possible to create an audience that was interacting with posts on the page, creating an audience from persons that contacted us via messages, then from persons that watched certain video, etc.


Additionally, from each custom audience, it is also possible to create an audience that resembles the former one (lookalike), and to use it as well in Facebook and Instagram advertisements.


When it comes to budgeting, there is an option to set it on a daily level, as well as during the campaign. In this step it is also defined when the campaign is going to be aired, either uninterruptedly or in certain periods during the day.


facebook ads marketing


These are all the things that should be balanced adequately, and eventually the right combination that will bring us the most benefits should be found.


Fourth step - destination for placing an advertisement


There are two options, an automatic selection and a possibility that we choose the place where Facebook and Instagram advertisement is to be shown. Is it going to be on a user’s feed, story, in messages, through the applications, etc…


Here it is very important to test what brings the best response for a particular campaign, and to correct accordingly a location where the ads are being shown.


Fifth step – design of Facebook and Instagram ads


After passing through the technicalities, we arrive to the part where creativity is expressed. And that is the creation of campaign itself, or how it is going to look after reaching the target audience.


There are two ways to create and advertisement – to use a post that was already published on a page or to create a new advertisement in Facebook Ads Manager.


Options, that is, the formats that will be offered here are directly related to a step where you choose what shall be the aim of an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram.


Creation of an advertisement in Ads Manager


With creating a new advertisement in Ads Manager, first that should be done is the choice of format. That involves whether a Facebook ad will be shown as one image, video, as a carousel post…


creation fb ads


This is followed by adding a multimedia content (image/s or a video), a text that will follow the ad, title and a short description (which is shown bellow the title), a link towards a website where the ad will lead to (if that is the objective).


A special attention should be dedicated on how the advertisement will look visually, which is why all these elements are particularly important.


The image must be effective, and text of the ad must be clear and understandable at first reading. Certainly, the aim is also to catch one’s eye by an advertisement while scrolling its feed on Facebook or Instagram, and this is why an ad has to leave an impression on user in the first few seconds.


In every moment while an ad is being created, and before its publishing, there is an option to watch how it is going to look like.


Therefore, before clicking the ‘Publish’ button one must be certain that all the steps are done adequately.


Monitoring and optimisation of Facebook and Instagram ads


Of course, equally important part, besides the creation of Facebook and Instagram ads, is their monitoring and correction if there is a need for that, based on the results.


In this case very helpful can be the Facebook Analytics that provides detailed data on the performances of certain ads, and also an adequate interpretation of those data can provide very useful guidelines on where the ads should be further directed.


Let our experience in managing campaigns be your strength


Numerous successful campaigns that we are managing for our clients are a guarantee that we shall devote to your business appropriately. 


Contact us and we shall create together the best strategy to improve your business.

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