Web Site Development - a Necessary Part of Business


Our team develops the high-quality websites, with a professional design and all the features necessary for your business activities.


You can manage a website all by yourself, because it is very simple to do so.

Web Business Solutions has a background of more than 350 developed websites and the clients who literally brought their businesses to a higher level by setting up a website.


Things you must know before a website development


The main purpose of having a website is to bring you money, i.e. new buyers or clients. It is not enough that a website is pretty, unless you are a huge multinational corporation that has enough of other sales channels. Because of that we would like to explain here why creation of a professional website is a very important investment for your business and everything you need to know before you decide to take this step.


First of all you need to be aware that tens and hundreds of people on a daily level are searching the products and services on the Internet that you have in your offer, and all of them end up with some of your competitors. Internet today is the most serious market and a website development is of huge importance for the business.


What is your position in this whole story? Are you satisfied with your share?


Web Site Development


If you are reading this text, you either have a website that is “not doing its job” or you do not have a website at all, which is practically the same thing. 


If you have a website you are not satisfied with, then you have experienced some of the problems in that regard. You have lost your time, paid for a website development, but it does not bring you anything, and is only an expense. Meanwhile some of the competitors have seriously got into the internet marketing and placed themselves in a great position on the internet market. 


You have done something, but the cooperation with developers was not as good as it was supposed to be. Many of your ideas were not realised and much of that did not work out the way you imagined. You were drifting without a clear goal and without the results. 


This is a story of many of our clients, you are not the only one.


This is why our first goal is to establish confidence and a good cooperation, as well as to educate you about all the things you need to pay attention to. And then the cooperation shall be long-lasting and of mutual benefit.


With a solid website and smart internet marketing, you can significantly improve your business. This is why we invite you to come to our agency for a conversation that is not binding for you, but it will certainly be useful in order to explore the possibilities and find the best solution.


Why we can offer you the best solution for online business?


Developing websites is not the only activity that our team is dealing with. In fact, website development is not even our main service. With us a quality website development is only the first step in improving your business. When we have a good website, only then through the process of internet marketing, together with you, we start a real fight for conquering the Internet market.


This is not a story for a single person, even if he/she is the best programmer in the world. This is a story for the agency that deals with Internet marketing.


WebSite Development


Our work is to develop a great website and then to create a strategy of further appearance, together with you. To calculate all the potential investments and all the potential profits and based on that to launch a campaign. Without the plan of further website development, it makes no sense to invest in a website development. Do not throw away your money.


After more than 350 developed websites and more than 100 of those that we developed through the Internet marketing, today we can say with certainty that we know how to improve business activities for the clients from all business areas. We do not like to brag with the numbers that you cannot check by yourself. But we like to invite you to check our references and to recommend you to call freely any company that we are cooperating with and to ask about our services.


Internet provides many options for sales improvement and all the potential buyers who do not come to you will buy from someone else. This is why every day of waiting brings you to a worse situation.


Regardless of your activity, WBS will develop a custom website to suit your needs, a website that will improve your internet approach and business.


Some of the advantages of website development in our CMS




High level of security significantly makes it harder for hackers to "break into" the website.


Very quick website loading gives you the better user experience. A loading speed also influences the rankings on Google Search.

Clear code

Google prefers a clean and neat code on the website, and ours is precisely like that, which is a great foundation for SEO.

Easy change of content

All the content on the website can be changed with only few clicks. It is enough to have a basic knowledge of work on the computer.

Without the additional maintenance

It is not necessary to pay any "website maintenance", that will cost you more than a website itself, in a year or two. There are no additional costs.


Features adjusted to you

You do not need to adjust to our modules, because we make them based on your needs.


Whether you need a simple presentation website, an online store or a big portal, we guarantee you a perfect solution.


Thanks to the Custom CMS, that we have been developing for years, our „workshop“ delivers the professional websites that enable our users without any programming knowledge to change and enter the content, photographs and videos by themselves. CMS enables us to create websites that are quicker and more secure than the websites from free platforms such as Word Press and Joomla, and at the same time, much easier to use than the websites made „from scratch” by the programmers.


Contact us and we shall create a solution that best suits your needs.


Website development process


Work on a new website must begin with a quality meeting with a client, in order to completely understand its needs and goals. We develop websites that are adapted to your business, and each business has its specific needs. And at the end of a website development you get a quality resource for attracting the new clients.


website devalopment process


How much does it cost to develop a website?


This is the most frequently asked question that we hear when we answer the phone in our office. Unfortunately, that is the question without a specific answer, it is the same if someone would ask you how much the cars cost. Many factors influence the price of a website, and what we can tell you at this point is that it is between 600 and 6,000 euros. The most frequent prices are somewhere between 900 and 2000 euros.


WBS also offers to its clients the additional services related to websites, such as:

  • Domain leasing and choice consultancy
  • Hosting
  • Creation of website content


Price of website development – what does it influence it?


Many factors influence a website development and that is why we insist on a meeting BEFORE the offer is sent. We think that anyone who sends an offer for website creation based on a query, is not serious enough. 


Design is an element that significantly influences the website price. If you want a website with a unique design, it will cost you 400-500 euros more compared to a webiste on the existing template. For some businesses it is recommended to have a unique website, and of course there are businesses where that is not relevant and where a custom design would be an unnecessary cost.


The price of a website development is as well influenced by a specific functionalities that you need. If, for example, you would like a more demanding reservation form, or some specific cost calculator, demanding filtration system – it all affects the price.


It goes without saying that during a website development all the material (texts and photographs) should be provided by you. And if you want that we create a website content, it also increases the website price, mostly around 100-300 euros, depending on the number of pages you need.


In case that you already have a website and you would like a new one, and you want that we transfer the content from the old one, it will also be calculated into price, depending on the quantity of content that is being transferred.


We are trying to offer the payment in installments and even correction of some of the mentioned costs, for all those who have the intention to continue the cooperation with us after the website development, for the sake of a long-term collaboration.


Cheap website development


If you are looking for a cheap website, we are certainly not the right address. But we are offering you a free advice that will save you time, money and nerves. A cheap website shall cost you much more at the end, and it will not bring anything in return. It is something that we encounter everyday. A cheap website development always leads to a scenario where the client very quickly begins to understand that there are so many challenges the website cannot resolve. And each website correction costs money, without the guarantees for success. And eventually we come to a point where it is cheaper to develop a new website, than to modify the old one. Because of that you should always ask yourself why some websites are cheap.


Website design adjusted to an accessing platform


We design websites in a desktop or responsive form. Responsive design will make your website more readable on a mobile devices as well, which is very important considering the number of smartphone users.


Design can be completely unique and made especially for your website, and there is a possibility to choose some of the existing templates, which is a cheaper solution.

Website development enhances the business activities


Internet has become the main source of information and every business must be present there or it risks not be heard of. Today it is normal that an owner of a serious company has a website. There is no better way to present to a potential buyer, user or associate than having a website. Your website is a mirror of your business, it tells who you are, what you do and how serious you are and this is why it is important to be professionally designed, readable, easy for use and that contains all the relevant information. If a website does not allow you to easily go through it, an unsatisfied user, with one click, will not only leave your presentation, it will moreover visit the website of your competition.


Website development


A website development is not the end of your internet appearance improvement. It is necessary to further develop your website in order to fully contribute to the improvement of your business activities. Regarding the website development, WBS offers the following services:


We can create a custom-made website for you and a website that will improve your business activities. Check our references and contact us to schedule a meeting and find the right solution for your business.


Website development agency vs. an Individual


Why a serious company should hire an agency for website development, and not to delegate that job to an individual?


Through our practice we were rather often having clients who had a previous negative experience with a programmer. The most cited reasons why they were giving up the cooperation with a programmer were: because the latter was not answering the phone and was reacting slowly to the requests. Cooperation with an agency offers a much more serious level of service and support. Agency has its own address and working hours and you can always come in case of a need. Agency for website development will not disappear overnight and change a phone number. With an agency you sign a cooperation agreement which has to be honored.


What if you are not from Belgrade


Our agency is located in Belgrade, but it has never been a problem for us to organise a meeting with the potential clients who are seriously interested in website development and internet marketing, in their cities. We had gone and we shall go to Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Zrenjanin, Lučani... The essence of Internet lies in a fact that your business does not need to be limited locally.


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