Creating a web shop tailored to the client

Do you have an elaborate business in which you have invested  your money and time, or an idea with which you are only just planning to make a boom in the market? Thinking about how to gain an advantage over your competitors, and take your business to the next level? Creating a web shop is the first step on this path. In this way, you will reach the world's largest market, and there are opportunities for you and your business unlimited.


Why are we the right address to come to for the creation of your online store?

In order for your online sales to flourish, you need a firm foundation. Only a carefully thought up development plan can ensure that you end up with a functional, intuitive and useful platform that end users really like to use.


We approach the process of developing the online store systematically, taking into account both the wishes of clients and the needs of the market in order to create a functional platform. Here are the key ingredients we use to develop a successful online store:

  • Intuitive and attractive mobile responsive design;
  • An easily searchable store via adding an unlimited number of categories, subcategories, products, and filters;
  • SEO friendly code that has the potential to rank high on Google search;
  • Simplified shopping experience;
  • High level of security on the Internet, which is certainly very important to you and your customers;

Functionalities of online stores that we create

Launching a web shop is an investment that must be launched on a good foundation. To enable you to make a profit, we have developed the following functionalities in the online stores that we create:

  • unlimited ability to add categories, subcategories and products;
  • possibility of linking with accounting software;
  • implementation of different payment systems (card, payment slip, cash on delivery, Pay Pal…);
  • multiple languages;
  • implementation of B2B modules - wholesale module;
  • option to link to SMS service;
  • creating different types of promo codes and promotions;
  • the option to display related, related, superior products...;
  • easy and quick product search,
  • easy handling of web shop administration.
We can make a great solution for your business too

How do we create the perfect e-Store for our customers?

If you are just planning to start a web shop from scratch, we will be happy to make an ideal e-commerce store for you. With careful planning and flawless execution, we'll deliver an e-commerce store that looks great and works even better.


We guide your vision through a layered process to make it a perfectly functional reality.

Here's how it works.

1. Business and technical analysis and conceptualization

First and foremost, we'll take a close look at your business niche. When we understand the requirements for success in that market, we present the most suitable technical solutions for creating a web shop.

2. Store concept design

Based on business analysis and looking at your needs, our design team creates a store blueprint that best reflects both what customers want to see and what you want to achieve.

3. Programming a web shop

When the preparatory phase is complete, we start setting up the virtual bricks and mortar of your e-commerce store. We take great care to create bulletproof code that will serve as the backbone of your online business for years to come.

4. Accounting software integrations

If necessary, we integrate the online store with accounting software.

5. Content creation

The right content can do wonders for generating conversions for any website and online store.

6. Payment card integration

We connect the online store with all types of payment cards depending on the payment method.

7. Testing

We want to make sure everything works perfectly before we go live with your online store. That's why we personally conduct rigorous testing of the platform to see how it copes with everything we can throw at it.

8. Product launch

When it passes all our tests perfectly, your online store is ready to see the light of day. Your attention should now be focused on promoting your business, which shouldn't be too difficult because we've given you a premium platform to build on.

Show everyone what your online store has to offer

Creating a web shop is just the first step of your online presence

Of course, the creation of a web shop is only the first step that must be made, if you want a successful presence on the world's largest market such as the Internet. In order for your online store to contribute to your business in the right sense, it is necessary to invest in internet marketing. In connection with marketing campaigns, we offer the following services:

Frequently asked questions related to the creation of online stores


#1 What benefits does creating a web shop offer customers?

The benefits are numerous…both for the customers and for you. The online messaging system is increasingly represented both in the world and in our country. Easy, simple and quick product review, ordering, delivery and payment have made online shopping a dominant way of shopping in Serbia as well.

#2 What is the cost of creating a web shop?

The price of creating a web shop depends on several factors. First of all, the functionality that your online store will have, then whether it is based on a template solution or it is a unique design. Certainly, all the details related to the creation of the online store are agreed at the meeting, and you will also receive a precise quotation. 

#3 Can I be in direct contact with my customers?

Of course. When creating a web shop, the chat option is implemented, and potential customers can contact you at any time, and find out in real time all the information they are interested in. This is extremely important for the impression you make on potential customers, because they will perceive you as an up-to-date and ready to respond to their request at any time.

#4 After creating the online store, will it be fully prepared for the SEO optimization process?

Yes. The online stores that we create are fully prepared for the SEO optimization process that follows. This means that all SEO standards have been met in the process of its creation and that the online store is best prepared to work on its own further development.

#5 Is there any limitation regarding the number of products that can be found in the web shop?

There are no restrictions. One of the most important functionalities of our online stores is the unlimited addition of products. Regardless of what you are selling, you can present the full range of your products in your online store.

#6 After the creation of the online store, is there training regarding work in its administration?

Yes, after the creation of the online store, we complete the training for work in the Custom CMS, which we developed in such a way that it is accessible and easy to work with for everyone.

#7 Does the creation of a online shop have advantages over selling through social networks?

Absolutely. If you know how to sell on Facebook and Instagram, you certainly understand that you must behave according to the rules that someone else has set and which may change at any time, and this will certainly have a negative impact on your business. Selling goods over the Internet is the safest and gives the best results according to the experiences of many if you have your own web shop, because then only you depend on the result you will achieve.

#8 I plan to open a clothing store, do you recommend creating a web shop for that as well?

By all means. By having your web shop be created by professionals, you can present your products in the right way and offer them to a much larger number of people than is the case when opening a physical store. The growth potential is extremely high, so you should definitely think in this direction.

#9 How to register a web shop i.e. online sales?

You can register your online store in the Business Registers Agency under the activity code 4791 – retail sale via mail order or via Internet.

#10Why we can you offer best solution for your business?

Comprehensive service

In addition to web development, we dal with internet markteting


High quality of the sites we create

Expert team

A team with many years of experience in web development

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