The importance of an integrated online presence

If you have decided to improve your business by appearing online

...creating a functional and beautiful website is only the first step. What follows is the promotion of your site on the Internet, and therefore of your company and the products or services you offer. This segment is very important because it leads to the expected results.

There are many ways to present your site, product or service to an online audience, here’s but a few of them:

  • site optimization,
  • development of social media profiles,
  • social media campaigns,
  • Google advertising,
  • e-mail marketing,
  • development of a mobile application...

Investing in all channels would probably yield result, but this process would be extremely expensive and the question is whether the full potential of Internet marketing would be exploited.

In the long run, to achieve the best performance and expected success, the right solution is to invest wisely in all segments of digital marketing, which in actuality is -  an integrated online presence. 

What is integrated online presence (integrated campaigns)?

Integrated campaigns involve appearing in a number of the above-mentioned segments of digital marketing - SEO, social networks, Google advertising... Of course, a good integrated campaign implies smart investment in each of the segments, based on a detailed analysis and precisely defined goals. You need to select the right promotion channels at the right time.

You need an online promotion, but you are not sure where, how and how much you need to invest? Call us to find the best solution.

Objectives of integrated online presence

The goal of any online presence is to improve your business in some way. One of the most common goals is to sell products and/or services directly. However, sometimes the goal of an integrated approach can be something else, which will certainly have a positive impact on business in the end. Thus, in addition to direct sales, goals can also be:

  • increasing brand awareness,
  • promotion of new products,
  • promotion of corporate activities,
  • increasing relevant site visits, etc.

By investing in integrated campaigns, you can drastically improve your business, increase sales, expand your customer base, and grow your brand. 

How do we do integrated campaigns?

To achieve the aforementioned results, a good strategy and proper budget planning are necessary. 


Internet marketing agency WBS is engaged in connecting all elements of Internet presence into one integrated system, which brings results in the business of clients.


That is why at WBS, at the very beginning of our cooperation, we first get to know your business, way of working and expectations in detail. 


Based on all of the above, we jointly define short-term and long-term goals.


The next step is a detailed market analysis and finding all the opportunities for a meaningful investment.


Based on the defined goals, and taking into account the analysis, we create a strategy to achieve them. 


Of course, the budget allocated to campaigns plays a significant role in creating a strategy, but our goal is always to achieve maximum effect with a defined budget.

We develop your business.

What can you expect from investing in integrated campaigns and collaborations WBS?

Significant return on investment


Digital marketing connoisseurs agree that investing in an integrated Internet presence is more cost-effective in the long run than investing in only one of its segments.


We will do our best to prove this stance to you very quickly from the beginning of cooperation in practice, by creating marketing activities that will have a clear goal - multiple returns on investment.


Saving time


When you let us take care of your online presence, you can focus on other business segments. While you are developing your company, we will work on achieving the agreed goals.


Realizing the maximum potential


In terms of successful development of your business, the effects of integrated campaigns, when it comes to online presence, are almost unsurpassed. 


Together, we'll determine where you are now and where you should be, and then strategically plan and work on growing your company into a leader in your niche.




By hiring our agency, you will get a partner who will do everything in their power to make your business and your company grow.


We try to follow all the innovations in the field of digital marketing and get to know the market in which you operate in detail. Based on this information, as well as years of experience and regular analysis of the effects of campaigns, we will propose new strategies and ideas that sometimes exceed the domain of marketing.

Why should you choose us?

The result is paramount


A good result for us is to achieve the agreed goals, i.e. to improve your business. The numbers and metrics are always there to justify the time and resources you have invested in working with us, but what we are most interested in is your progress.


We have been through many things


Thanks to work on a wide variety of campaigns, which has lasted more than a decade, we have gained experience owing to which now there are no surprises, insurmountable obstacles and no challenges that we cannot face.


Knowledge is our power


Great experience and constant improvement of our colleagues from different areas of digital marketing make it so that we have the right solution for each of your dilemmas. 

Web Business Solutions will help you achieve your business goals and become a recognizable brand first on the Internet and then in general. Contact us to find out in more detail how an integrated internet presence gives top results in practice.


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