Social media advertising

Being present on social networks is no longer a matter of choice, but a necessity for all those who want to elevate their business to a higher level. Whether you are new to the market or have been around for a long time, the potential that comes with having a social media presence and advertising on social networks, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is something you need to pay attention to.


Why advertise on social media?

Numerous studies show that there are close to 3 billion active users on Facebook and over one billion on Instagram on a monthly basis. And the trend is such that these numbers will only grow, and this is especially true of the social network Instagram.

Expand your market!

As for Serbia, according to the data we received from Facebook Ads manager, the number of active users over the age of 18 is over 4 million.

Looking at these figures, it becomes clear what the potential of social networks is in the development of any business. By advertising on Facebook and Instagram and running campaigns in the right way, your market becomes unlimited and you have the ability to easily present your product or service to a large number of people without any restrictions (such as location, age, occupation, etc.).

Do you want to exploit the full potential of social networks?

What do we offer?

Professional management of Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin ads, with constant communication with the client in order to optimize each campaign in the right way and get the desired results.

The vast majority of businesses need social media ads

The vast majority of businesses can find their place on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and use their opportunities. 

Social media advertising

Each business has its own specifics, and we carefully choose the strategy of online presence in conversation with our clients, including in what intensity and in what way we will use the benefits of advertising on social networks.

Of course, a distinction should be made here between the social networks themselves, and thus some businesses are suitable for advertising on Facebook, while for others the target audience is mostly on Instagram. Also, there is Linkedin, a social network that offers huge opportunities if used properly. This is certainly one of the important parameters when planning where and how ads and campaigns will be created.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Community management and advertising

Running a Facebook and Instagram page (community management) is important. This implies a thorough planning of posts that will create a desired brand image, then posts that will be interesting to those who follow the page and will encourage interaction.

But, as Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing their algorithms, this greatly affects the ability to organically reach new followers, including a significant part of those who already follow us. 

That's where Facebook and Instagram ads and commercials come in.

Optimize your investments!

Social networks are an ideal place to spend a large amount of money, and in order for this not to be in vain, you should be fully familiar with all the possibilities that they provide.

Our many years of experience and the numerous clients we work with are certainly a guarantee that we will find the most optimal social media advertising strategy for you that will give the best results.

Facebook and Instagram ads tracking and optimization

Just as important as the creation of Facebook and Instagram ads is their tracking and correction if there is a need for it based on the results.

Facebook tools found in the Business Manager, which provides detailed information on the performance of a particular ad, help a lot here, and interpreting this information in the right way can give very useful guidance on which direction to direct ads in further.

Use our experience to your advantage!

What type of advertising makes the most sense for your business?

If you are not sure which type of online advertising makes the most sense for your business, contact us so that we can work together to find the most ideal solution for your business. In addition to social media advertising, our agency also conducts the following online activities that may be interesting and useful to you:


#1 SEO Site Optimization

Defining your ads based on user demographics, interests, location and behaviors. This type of advertising increases the likelihood that ads will reach relevant consumers;

#2 Google Advertising

These platforms are oriented towards visual content, which gives brands the opportunity to tell their story through attractive images and videos;

#3 Integrated campaigns

It allows direct interaction with the audience through likes, comments and shares. This type of interaction increases the visibility of the ad and thus increases the community;

Contact us and together we will create the best strategy that will improve your business.

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