What makes site design a great investment?

Want a site that sells?                

Invest in a website design that will make your business stand out from the competition and generate a higher conversion rate

Good user experience and professional design are key elements that can be crucial to obtaining customers and increasing profits through the website.


The combination of these two elements is essential to achieve better conversion rates, and therefore to increase the profit that a company can achieve through an online presence. 

Good design

Good design

Much more than the fact that the site looks nice.

Good User Experience

Good User Experience

Design as one of the key factors of user experience on your website.

Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate

A good design enables unhindered achievement of the user's goal.

More sales

More sales

Good design encourages users to convert.

Good design is much more than the fact that the site looks nice

Did you know that you only have a few moments before a new user decides whether to stay on your site or move on? 

That's how important first impressions are. 

Yet, appearances aren't everything. 

In fact, each individual element that makes up a single website has a significant impact on the activity of visitors of your site once they reach it. 

Better user experience = more conversions

Site design is one of the key factors that will contribute to whether a site user has a good or bad user experience that is directly related to the end goal - conversion, but also the overall impression of your brand. 

A good design makes it possible for the site to make a great first impression, to respond to the needs and questions of visitors, to extend their engagement on the site and to encourage them to convert. 

Need a redesign of your existing site or are you creating a new site? You've come to the right place.

Good web design helps you keep leads on your site

Web design is important because it influences how your audience will perceive your brand. 

A first impression will help decide whether to keep the visitor on the site and learn more about your business, or whether to leave your page and give your attention to the competition. 

But once a visitor decides to stay, it is essential that they have an excellent user experience. 

How does a good customer experience impact conversions?

Having an organized, customizable, and customized site tells your prospective clients – leads, that you're there to provide a particular service that carries value, not just make money.

And visitors are very appreciative of this. 

That is why it is so important to provide the user with a smooth and logical experience, in order for conversions to occur at all, but also for them to repeat. 

Well-optimized site = higher organic visit

And finally, great site design is not just about the visual elements seen in the front. Some details such as cumbersome code or oversized images that affect loading speed can distract visitors, but also have a negative impact on SEO. 


Unless you have the resources to constantly invest in Google Adwords and thus generate  visits, you want your potential customers to find you through Google search. 

Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

We are one of the few companies in Serbia that has an active SEO expert in the site development team who will make sure that the site has a solid SEO basis and that all the necessary elements are set up properly so that your site has a better chance of better search ranking. 

The WBS team will help you turn your ideas into reality

Web Business Solutions will help you create the version of your site that will best serve your business: 

Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

The success of your online performance

A site that is vital to the success of your online presence.

Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

Attracting new visitors

A site that will attract visitors and contribute to their retention.

Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

Conversions and profits

A site that will bring you conversions and profits.

We at Web Business Solutions already have 10 years of experience in site development and know how important it is for the client to be satisfied with the final outcome. 

Thanks to the direct cooperation of SEO experts, designers and developers, we can guarantee that all aspects of good design will be satisfied: both from the point of view of yourself as a client, but also from the point of view of a potential user and the Google algorithm. 

If you invest in a design, you invest in a site that will be functional, viewable, optimized, that will not only generate visits - but also guarantee conversions.

In the past 5 years alone, we have participated in the development of over 400 sites from the initial idea to the final realization. 

We know how to build a website that will help our customers grow their business. 

Is additional investment in site design necessary?

If you run a small business that has yet to start making you a significant profit, investing extra in design may seem like too much of an expense. Or, you may already have a functional but outdated site, so investing more in a redesign seems unnecessary. 

However, if you consider that a good design can contribute to a better customer experience, faster lead generation and a significantly better result (increased profit), does it still seem to you that it is an unnecessary expense?

It is the design that conveys a clear and precise message to the user. On the other hand, a disorganized and visually confusing design does more harm than good.

If you think good design is expensive, believe us when we say that bad design is even more so.

Good site design doesn't happen overnight

There are certain steps that need to be completed before the designer can start work on your project.

What this means - the designer must take into account your company, your marketing strategy, your message, the personalities/profile of your customers, your unique challenges, your competitors.

Of course, all this is resolved at the first meeting - with the project manager and design team, we determine and define your request. With your vision, we come to conclusions such as the desired appearance/style of the site. At the meeting we also establish the functionalities of the site.

It goes without saying, but we will emphasize, all buttons, all icons, photo style - are tracked from the adopted design of the home page, and transferred to the internal pages.

The elements contained in the pages must not look different! The site must be a visual whole.

The point is that with as few clicks as possible, and as much clean and transparent design as possible, we enable intuitive and clear use of your website to the user, without unnecessary and needless steps that can distract them from using the platform.

Always bear in mind that the whole team is working to create the ideal platform to easily navigate users, and trust the relevant expert team.

Site creation meeting

The focus of the meeting is to create a perfect prototype of your site, where we will create a clear sketch of the structure and functionality of the site, after which the designer can move on to their part of the work. 

After the meeting, the first sketches of the home page are made, in two or three variants, which is also the request that the client makes at the meeting - how many different design proposals they want to see. 

A website designed in the right way provides many benefits that you need to take advantage of and take your business to the next level. Our agency is here to help. For any information you are interested in, as well as consultations, you can contact us.

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