Conversion Rate Optimization

In the digital age, the key to success of every online business lies in the ability to turn visitors into customers.

This process, known as “conversion rate optimization” (CRO), is the essence of e-commerce and digital marketing strategies success. 


In addition to ensuring traffic through Google, our SEO agency deals with conversion rate through a comprehensive and customized approach, using the most recent techniques and tools to maximize the efficiency of your online presence.

What affects conversion rate?

Conversion rate of your website may be considerably improved through a wide range of key factors. These include:

Website design

Website design

 Intuitive and attractive design which facilitates navigation.

Content quality

Content quality

Relevant content corresponding to the needs and interests of your target audience.

User experience

User experience

Flawless user experience, including easy information finding and simple performance of actions.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed

Fast page loading is key to keeping visitors.

Analysis of the current state of the website

The first step towards conversion rate improvement is a comprehensive analysis of your website current state. We use advanced tools such as Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of visitor behavior, which allows us to identify key areas for improvement.

In addition to Google Analytics, we took an extra step in the analysis of user behavior on the website and we use Heatmaps. 

Using Heatmaps, we visually track data about the places where users most frequently click, how they navigate through the page, and what they are looking at the longest. Such data is required to understand how visitors behave on your website, which directly affects conversion rate improvement strategies.

Conversion rate increase strategies

Postoji niz strategija koje primenjujemo za povećanje conversion rate-a, uključujući:

A/B testing: Testing different versions of pages to identify the ones where the conversion is the highest.

Landing page optimization: Customizing elements on landing pages to improve conversion.

Content optimization: Creating content and changes in places where users spend less time on the page. 

User experience analysis (UX): Improvement of the website navigation, loading speed, and general user experience to facilitate the process of purchasing or interaction.

Importance of mobile optimization: As a large number of users access the internet through mobile devices, we focus on the mobile version of the website first. Our approach ensures that websites are optimized for mobile devices, providing high-quality user experience.


- Call to action (CTA): Crating clear, specific, and attractive calls to action leading users through the conversion process.


- Audience segmentation: Development of target marketing campaigns for specific segments of your target audience based on their interests and behavior (link to the marketing services page).

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Tracking and analysis of results

Continuous tracking and analysis of results are key to the success of any conversion rate improvement strategy. This practice allows us to customize our approaches and tactics on the basis of real data and results.


We are committed to developing your business through efficient conversion rate increase. Deploying our expertise, particularly through SEO processes, and through Heatmaps analysis, we are dedicated to making your online presence not only attract visitors, but also convert them into consumers.

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